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Nothing fancy, just an '02 F-150. Get out the ramps and throw it in the back! Granted it's a lot cleaner in this photo. It was before hunting season! :biggrin:


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I bought this trailer a few years ago for $200 and rebuilt and repainted it and i only have a little over $600 in the whole trailer... its an 18ft with 3500lb axles and brakes on one...


My jeep with both of my bikes ready to go riding... It pulls ok but after i get my rock buggy done i will have to get a bigger trailer and a truck... Im going to start looking for a Duramax after i graduate in december...


Here is my buddies gooseneck that we took to waynoka last year... doubles as a huge tend... Worked awesome...


That is awesome great find on that trailer for $200 you did some good work I wish I could find a deal like that.

Good looking Jeep too.

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This is my toy hauler. I don't have a pic of the trailer. But I have a 2 place snowmobile trailer. Works really nice for ATVs LOL

This is a 2000 Xterra. It has 3.5'' of lift, 33s, and tons and tons of mods. I bought it all rusty and I completely restored it and I am loving it to death. Its my daily driver gets decent gas mileage and is as fun off road as my quad.


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I haul my quad on either a deck on my truck or a trailer if more than two of us are travelling. I find it quick and convenient with the deck, on and off in 3-5 minutes including tie down.

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Bring back an old thread! I have a 8.5x20 v-nose to haul my toys. Hopefully get more pics, but this is all I have for now!


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2008 Dodge Ram 4x4 Diesel and Toyhauler, because I like to go out for days at a time far far away from civilization



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I've gotta figure my situation out as I'm just getting my atv. Haven't had to haul it yet. Probably the smallest possible trailer that it will fit, pulled by my old POS 4cyl ranger. Wish i could just load it in the bed, but it's a step side. Widest part of the bed is 42" and trx450r = 46" :(

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LilRaRa you should be able to fit your quad in the step side. I used to put my old banshee in the step side. Just the outside of the front rims would roll over the wheel well and then fit perfectly. there was plenty of room once it was over the wheel wells. and I know that you can lay a 4x8 sheet of ply wood in that bed laying on top of the wheel wells. So I would give it a try and see but I bet if fits. Might be tight but should fit.

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depends, i have a 2009 silverado that I haul either my 2 place atv trailer with for day trips, or my 2008 keystone outback toy hauler for long trips. either way, it works, planning a trip to tahuya soon, can't wait!

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