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KingQuad 700 Wiring Problem

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2005 Suzuki KingQuad 700 4X4 LT-A700X

A bundle of wires taped together shorted and melted tape. After removing tape, the wires fell apart and there was no way to determine how wires connected. This is on the left side of the ATV (see attached pic).

None of the wires run to ground. None test for volts with key on or when ATV is running.

There are 4 wires that go into 3 wires.

4 wires come in from above – yellow/green stripe, white/brown stripe, green, brown.

3 wires are below – all are yellow w/o stripes & and bundled into chase with a blue & a green wire that pass through (see attached pic). The 3 yellows appear to come from generator.

ATV only runs off battery now. There is no charge back to battery and ATV dies upon disconnecting battery (with RPMs up). All fuses are intact.

It would appear that any wire can connect to the yellow wires, so no worries there. But the extra/4th upper wire needs to be connected or bundled with one of its mates and I have no idea which goes to which.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Wire Location.jpg

Lower-Yellow Wires.jpg

Upper Wires.jpg

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That big fat brown/white wire ? What's that writing on it say ? It looks mighty big.. Could it be a winch wire or something aftermarket ? Is it in?part of the original bike wiring ?

You might have to use your eyes to find the other end, then use a multimeter/ohm meter to confirm it's the wire by testing from end to end for continuity.

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And looking in a different manual I see there's a white/brown going to the ECM..

The photo you posted was blurry and I couldn't see the colour labels so I looked in some other manuals I have. If your diagram doesn't have any white/brown wires shown you might have the wrong manual.

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Gwbarm & Mech, thank you both for replying...really appreciate it! The W/Brn wire isn't any bigger than the rest--just closer to camera. I suspect it goes to the Aux port (old-school cigarette lighter style plug. I haven't yet tested for continuity but, for now, I just happy ATV is running and charging battery with a solid 14.5V or so.

The 3 yellow wires come directly from the generator, so you're right, Gwbarm. One of the headlights (upper on on handlebars) works now as well.

Everything seems to work fine, so I'm not going to sweat it. We use this ATV everyday on our ranch for at least 2-3 hours, so it gets a lot of use and down-time can be a pretty big hassle.

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