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New project for my daughter

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I paid 150.00 for the 2002 suzuki 50. The guy gave me the motor in a box, I order new piston and rings because it was already broke down, and had the suzuki dealer make sure the rode was ok. I cleaned the head and cyclinder. Just waiting for some factory gaskets and bolts and I will be ready to assemble. The picture of the helmets were just something I threw in. We just got them for Me and my wife and daughter and son.





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There is nothing better than getting the whole family involved in the same activity.

ya im trying to get my dad and mom into it but we dont have the money:no:

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      So i took a road trip today to look at a Suzuki Eiger! 2006 in perfect condition other then the fact it starts for 30 seconds and shuts down.  
      Its been sitting for about a year in a shed. 
      It has a plow and a winch included!!!
      Got it for a really good price and all looks good so far.  
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      I'm on to the next project. I am trying to put a 1994 Suzuki 250 2X4 quad runner back into service. I am currently going thru the fuel system and am waiting on some parts. In the meantime I have been trying to locate replacement fenders and I'm not having much luck.  The orriginal fenders have become brittle and cracked due to sun and exposure to the elements. Any help on finding replacement fenders, OEM or aftermarket, will be appreciated.
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      hey guys my name is preston and i just joinned the fourm and so far i am glad i did so. that aside me and my frien jus aquired a 1985 polaris trail boss with a blown motor for $50 and we have a crazy plan for it.
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      YHAAAA! Im finely done with my bayou 300 project! its running and running good!!
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