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our mechanic that works on our stuff is a pretty trust worthy guy, i really believe when he says he has no clue what happened, that he really means it...andddd he's only going to be making like 50 bucks off us this time because of the labor, and he's not chargin us but the dealer cost on parts.....

stuff happens...you just learn to live with it and get through it

I had a mechanic put 3 pistons in my old bike in a month. At the end we found he was running it WAY to lean or something. Point is, he was a trust worthy guy and you better believe he pulled the old I have no idea why it would do that. Just keep that in mind.

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idk what you mean by too lean??

we have the old piston at home, the one he took out originally....I'm confused. sorrrry =[

He had it jetted way wrong. It was a simple fix but one that cost him 2 rebuilt motors and a very good customer. He basically over looked something he shouldn't have.

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sooo got the quad back again today. we totally figured out the problem...the mesh screen in the oil tank thing was 95% plugged.....

something so easy to fix cost me nearly 1500 bucks in two weeks.....oh well, stuff happens.

wow, that really stinks

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yeah, ur telling me....

so we raced this weekend, everything was great, until the second lap came and i broke my nerf bars....going on my third set this season.....

and now nick doesn't have third gear anymore, so that motors goign to the shop this week...

we just cant catch a break right now...

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we must have like the worst luck out of anyone ive ever met.

unadilla gncc this weekend....last wnyoa series race (the series we race all year long)

lap 1...my clutch gets smoked. i didn't even get to make a freakin lap

lap 3: nicks' clutch smokes. in the same spot mine did. what's the chances of that??

needless to say...neither one of us finished like we should have....it was a tough end to the season but hey stuff happens i guess....lookin forward to next year already.

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