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September Photo Contest - Vote!

September Photo Contest Vote - Photos Below  

52 members have voted

  1. 1. September Photo Contest Vote - Photos Below

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September Photo Contest - VOTE!

Theme: "Best Stuck In Mud Photo" (Includes ATV/UTV/ATC and any type of riding area also)

Prize: Side X Side Action Magazine Subscription


Voting will take place for the last 4 days of September to determine the winner.

Voting will end September 30th and the winner will be announced!

View Past Contest Winners































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Quick question, are we allowed to vote for ourselves or do we have to vote for another entry? I'm not sure I'd vote for my picture but I was wondering. I kinda feel like it's cheating to vote for yourself.What are everyone elses feelings about this? Maybe some type of rule should be set for this?

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Go ahead and Vote for yourself.....It might be the only one you get:laugh::roflc::sifonec:

That wudn't very nice! Moderators are supposed to set an example of kindness and love!:yes::laugh::laugh::huh:

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I see nothing wrong with voting for yourself... you can only vote 1 time! LOL But I think there should be a limit to how may times a person can win within a 12 month time frame... that seems like it would be more fair!

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I know you can only vote once BUT if everyone in the contest votes for themselves then the votes are wasted. It would give everyone one point making it a tie,same as if everyone had 0 points.I hope I'm making sense,I'm not too good at explaining my thoughts sometimes..lol. If I have 5 and you have 4 and we both voted for ourselves it would be 4 to 3,so same same,votes wasted.

Anyway no biggie, I just couldn't find any rules on it one way or the other. Just didn't want to step on any toes.

I agree that a person should only be allowed to win so many times in a certain period.

Thanks for the reply,you're way nicer than that mean ol' MWKE......LMAO!:wasntme:

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Thats what I'm trying to say. If EVERYONE that enters votes for themselves then everyone starts out with one vote. So your vote makes no difference anyway. Now if someone that enters doesn't vote or votes for someone else then voting for yourself might make a difference. Just was wondering,nothing more,now I know.

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Good Gravy!!!!! You CAN vote for yourself.....If you dont want to vote for yourself then Dont and vote for someone else.........Its Simple.....:huh:

Lets not make this a Big Deal......

Oh yeah,,,,,You also DONT have to submit a Picture.....There,,,,If you dont submit one....You dont have the option of Voting for yourself.........

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I wasn't trying to make a big deal out of anything! I asked a simple question out of simple respect for the rules and the folks in the contest. I didn't come on here saying how dumb it would be if I didn't vote for myself,unlike the reply I recieved to my apparently stupid question. I'm sorry I will not let it happen again!

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I don't really think it's an issue to vote for yourself. If you want to be nice, vote for someone else..

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