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November QOTM Poll

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This is just too funny:D I think if you still want to do this you pick them yourself....contact the owner of the machine....Have him do a Write up on it along with Several pictures from Beginning to Finished Product and then Sticky it and Close the Thread...That way....You dont have a bunch of BS Clogging up the Thread...I think I PM'ed you about this when you started this...But what can an old Geezer tell a 17 yr old:eek:

that is just my opinion....:rolleyes:

Anyone Else care to take a Shot at what will work????:D

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Oh,,,,And another thing I didnt address......Is there enough traffic in here to Support this??? And if there is....Seeing that Im one of the 5 people that post at this site....How about renaming it to OHVOTM....That way,,,,Maybe I can Submit MY STUFF:rolleyes: :D:eek::cool:


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This is a great idea and I think having a poll is the correct way of doing this. Yes, there are not allot of posters, nevertheless...it is a great idea that should start the right way. It's the first month of this and I think we should all give it a chance to grow. We will be sending messages out for people to vote and posting elsewhere to spread the word, ie MySpace..etc. It will take some time and we need everyone's help to grow the community.

Thank you DeadAim for this section.

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You know,,,,I never said this was a Bad Idea....I Too,,,,Think it is a great Idea But Flawed....

Nothing against anyone here but I dont want to read a List of Bolt on that mean nothing to me....I want to read the Trials and Tribulations of someone that Actually spent some time thinking about what would make it a better all around quad....I want to see Pictures of the Bike PreMod, During Mod and Post Mod..Not something that someone Bought and Sent to the Bike shop..I want to Read what someone may have Tried but didnt work...I want to read and Feel the Pride that went into the project....When I see a list of Mods posted All I can think of is someone went into the Store....Threw down some Duckets Made an appointment and at a later date had a Flunk Parts changer add some Bling...

I think thats why I ride 3 and not 4....When I get them they are TRASH....I have to make my own parts or have them made..I have to Torch out Rusty Bolts and Beat them with hammers....I have to Figure out What Quad Parts MIGHT work..Not to mention endless hours of hunting parts that cant be made and are Discontinued..ETC ETC....At the end of the project I have Some Pride knowing that my ol' Ragggg can Pull a Quad all the way to the end of the Drag Strip....I have Pride know that Ingenuity and 2K can Spank most 8k Showroom Quads....And,,,,I have pride that I did most of it....Hell,,,,I have one bike that I have been working on for almost 4 Freakin Yrs and it doesnt even ROLL:eek:

I will go with the Flow though....What ever you guys want to do....You guys brought me on here to help and that is what I think Im Doing...So if you can hang with my Stubborn Opinions I would appreciate it:D

Thanks for the Rant.....

And remember,,,,Im here to help:D


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