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DragonFire UTV World Cup - November 15, 2008

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With the Arizona premiere of [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6L4SDbT3a68]Thrillbillies: Double Wide[/ame] on Friday, November 14, at DragonFire Racing, we thought the timing would be perfect to have our 2nd Annual UTV World Cup race the following day. This will allow for some of the race footage to be used in next year's Thrillbillies movie.

Due to the short timeframe to put this together, Julie Ehrman at ET Motopark has agreed to once again host the race, with DragonFire as the title sponsor. We are going to donate all proceeds from the premiere's silent auction to the Pro purse. We have three sets of shocks from Elka, wheels and tires from ITP, products from Kicker, Monster, Ogio, Makita, Godfrey Films, Skull Candy and many more to be added. We will post a silent auction product list soon. Julie has also agreed to provide a 50% Pro payback for the Pro 800cc UTV class.

The format will be a mix of CORR and outdoor motocross. Saturday morning will be open practice, followed by four-lap qualifying races for gate position. Heat 1 is 15 minutes plus one lap. There will be a mandatory yellow at the 10-minute mark (CORR drivers, please educate the forum on how this works), then 5 more minutes of racing plus one lap. Heat 2 will be staged two hours later, using the same format. The low score from the two races wins the DragonFire UTV World Cup. If there is a tie in points then the better score from the second race wins.

There are two UTV categories: Pro 800cc and under; and Amateur 800cc and under. These are 4-stroke displacements. A 2-stroke would have to be 400cc and under to compete. As long as the UTV you are entering is an 800cc and under 4-stroke, and utilizes a CVT clutch, you can compete in a UTV class. We will be posting protest rules and cost. We will have on-site displacement checks for the top 5 overall finishers (only under protest). ET Motopark is responsible for all tech, entry, safety and scoring duties. DragonFire will be presenting the additional prize money to the winner of the Pro UTV class. We will pay down to 5th place.

With money from the Friday night Thrillbillies premiere, and the 50% payback from ET Motopark, we should generate over $6000 in prize money for the Pro UTV class (30 Pro entrants at $200 each plus over $3000 from the silent auction should make for a great payback). The more people who show up for the Thrillbillies premiere, the more money can be raised for the Pro purse. If you plan on racing, please come with your vehicles Friday night to the premiere. We will have all the race cars on display, and will do tech inspection and registration that night. We will have tech and registration Saturday morning for the people who are coming from out of state and cannot make the premiere. Information on the race, entry forms, and prizes will be posted on the home page of DragonFire Racing.


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