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lmao ohh alright

talking rock arena in talking rock GA

houston valley in lafayette GA

Broad river in carlton GA

Highland park in cedartown GA(i have heard great things about this place)

windy gap in chatsworth GA

thats to name a few :laugh:

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Weather Report shows RAIN for the next full week............this is a good thing, it has been dry in those parts this summer. Zack is diggin a hole as you read this, should be good. Did I mention the 60 plus miles of trails, MX track, UTV Rally racing, obstacle course, camp grounds, cabins for rent, covered bike wash area, and food shack???? This is a hot spot for fun, come out and enjoy the third leg of the series.

For those that can not attend the Broad River $10,000 points series event, go to youtube and type in "Broad River Adventure park" and watch the videos.............you know you want to go.........just do it, find a way. August 13, 14, 15 be there to win the money


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These time are the toughest we have seen in my lifetime. Trying to make money has never been more challenging, and so goes for the ride areas you enjoy. These parks are facing financial difficulties just as all other business and maybe worse as riding on the week end is the first budget cut for most families. Do your local park a favor, pay the fee and go riding, you may just save your favorite place to ride and enjoy the outdoors.


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Zach has dug and filled the HOLE with rich Georgia Red Clay MUDDD, the rig is packed and we will be headed out shortly. The weather calls for overcast and a bit of rain this week end, the trails are in good shape. I hope yo all can make the Just Add Dirt, true Mud event at Broad River Adventure Park this week end.


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The event had a low turnout but lot's of fun, here is the video:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l96I5AW6zeI]YouTube - Broad River Just Add Dirt Mud Racing.wmv[/ame]

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Rocky Creek ATV Trail - Sept. 3rd, 4th & 5th, 2010

* Mud Bog

* Oval Track Race

* Drag Race

* Lawn Mower Race

Ride from 9am Friday until Sunday 4pm! All weekend!

We need 2000 people to attend this event to help save our park. Please pass the word to any and all riders you know. Cost will be $40 Fri-Sun/$25 per day per person.

Come trail ride with us.

Check out dates and events at:


Rocky Creek ATV Trail

4637 US Hwy 341

Culloden, Ga. 31016

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