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New member saying hi

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Hey everyone jsut stumbled across this site and wanted to say hi. anyone else on here from DE or around the area? Here are a few pics of our toys and the family having fun

family after Christmas last year with our new toys....well except my wife's lol


me having some fun in our front yard on a low low tide day


Training in progress


Line up of toys


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Hello, welcome to the sight. If you ever are riding in Southern PA, MD, or VA let me know. How far is DE from WA DC? I live in the Suburbs in Northern VA. We will be racing alot of Dictrict 7 races and i think they have one in DE. I ride a 2004 Banshee and a 2006 LT-R 450. If your ever coming to the area just PM me and I will give you my cell! Tim

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Where is there a race in DE? never seen a quad race here. DE is pretty far from DC not sure exactly how far but its a decent drive.

i actually am a member over at 3wheeler world same id ;) Just haven't been there in a while. That thing has been a lot of fun especially in the snow

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yeah i only posted a handful of times once to say hi and show some pics and others looking for parts :) and just for a fellow trike guy here are some shots of the 225 doing what it does best

playing in the snow!!!!


even has power to pull my bulbous booty lol


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I just found this thread. Thanks for posting those great pics!!!

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Glad to see the whole family involved thats what this sport needs the young ones to keep this sport alive..

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Welcome!!! Very nice pix. It is great to see a family enjoying themselves together.

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