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then i pulled the head



i had seen that there was this and started to relize it was going to take longer than i had expected oh well its all fun and shit for me though


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well this is about as far as i have gotten to im am in need of some parts

i need

stock air box assembly

misc bolts

stock front wheel


carb cross over pipe

thats it so far oh if you have pegs

i would love to have an extra set so hook me up

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WOW!!!!! I think your first investment needs to be a Bead Blaster!!!!! LOL!!!

Anyway,,,,,This looks like a Great Project...Are you going to be Pumping it up or going back stock????

Air Box

eBay Motors: Yamaha Banshee stock air box K&N filter pro-design plat (item 250368692463 end time Feb-11-09 20:41:20 PST)

eBay Motors: yamaha banshee yfz 350 AIRBOX AIR BOX (item 160313675988 end time Feb-09-09 14:54:28 PST)

Lots of people Sell bolt kits on Ebay.....Ive bought several through the yrs....Very nice kits....\

Banshee Bolt Kit, All matching items for sale.

As far as wheels.....You can pretty much get stockers off ebay shipped for 50 bucks I bet....Or you can get like ITP new for 80 Bucks.....Just depends on what you really want.....You want the Gold ones or the Bling ones....LOL!!!!

Keep us all updated would ya????

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looks like you have your work cut out for ya.. that banshee looks like she has quite a few hours on it.. but there are tons of aftermarket go fast parts for them and are pretty reasonable price wise.. keep it up man and take your time.. get a service manual and go at it..

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i have some banshee parts and several freinds that stock parts as well it looks like your clcy, are pitted i would go with 20thousands over and new pistions average clcy, bore is $90. new pistions wisco are about $210. with rings and gaskets have your head magnafluced for cracks and warpage since your pistion was turned check your rods to make sure the rod hasnt twisted on the crank and check your intake boots arent dry rotted or the reeds arent broke email about your list of parts and i can locate in about to days deoending on my freinds work schedual.

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Quite nice of you to offer the help Opie, I am just wondering though if you noticed that he last posted in this thread almost a year ago? I am curious how things have gone on that project though. Maybe he will come back and update one of these days.

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