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Becki & Nick Wheeler: Boss Offroad Racing 2009!

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I'm soooo excited, I had to share with everyone....we were just signed to the 2009 Boss Offroad Racing team. We've been building a great relationship with Jeff, the bossman, over at Boss the past couple of weeks.

We're soooo stoked:biggrin:Is it Feb. 28th yet? Jeesh, I'm ready for FLORIDAAAAAA:yes::cute:

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[email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes.....Send me something Signed:yes: and a Sticker for my Sons Quad....Any Used Tires....Cause you know.....Now that your Sponsored you can just throw them away after one Race....Posters for his room.Maybe one of you "WASHING" your Quad....Oh wait....That would be for my room.....:laugh:

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Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you send me your smile after each race????? I'm grumpy, so I need your smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:laugh::cute::yes:

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thanks guys...i'm super proud to be supported by such a great team..i really feel like this could be the beginning of something big for us and our future familyyyyy :)

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