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The members of TheATVZone had really enjoyed the company of numerous clubs and forums, during the big RIDE FOR SAMANTHA and the Ride for Jarred, so we thought we'd put together a ride and invite you back to Lost Trails. Even though Spring won't be here for two weeks after this ride (20th?), it’s high-time to get our collective bodies -n- bikes thawed out for some seat time!!

March into Spring Ride!

March 7 AND 8 (Saturday AND Sunday)

LostTrails in Pocono Manor, PA

Ride Lost Trails ATV Park

Time: Be able to hit the trails by 9:30AM, so plan accordingly please. Unloading, paying,attaching flags etc...

For rules and regulations in the park, visit the website please? Ride Lost Trails ATV Park Amazing how many times the next questions come up.

Yes , you need insurance and their flag. (if you have a pole, u just need the LostTrails flag itself, if u need both, they offer both. Yes, you buy them.)

Bring yer own food -n- drink, and take it with you when done.

I'll be there both days, this is not a kids ride, UNLESS we have a nice reply/turnout below here where we can split the group.

We have invited several clubs and forums from the tri-state area. This could be a good time to network and meet more people to ride with.

We will keep a running list, just reply YES and how many PLUS you and if you plan to ride more than one day.


MarGinJoey + 0, both days.

BIGCATDAVE + the Cat Family, Sunday

Lojim + 0, Saturday

JustinHemi, knitting class. Neither day. lol

Swampcat + Allicat, both days.

Lumpneck +2 , Sunday

Dogbyte +0?, Saturday

Ride 300ex Red +?, Sunday

ArcticCatRider500 + 3, Sunday

Jam23 +1? Sat or Sun?

Vinnyballs +3? Sunday

Hambone +0, Saturday (Pocono Mountain ATV)

Freak +0, Sunday

A676Man + 0, Sat or Sun

Mudded Prarie +1, Sunday (Tri-State ATVers)

Rrocke17, +0, ? (NY Trailriders)

Mikeexplorer +0, ? (Valley ATV)

06Zuki +0, Saturday

Skioutty +3? Sunday

Ride300exRed +1, Sunday

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To all of our members from the Northeast, these are a great bunch of guys and gals that like to joke around and enjoy our sport. If they weren't 2000 miles from me i would ride with these guys all year. I have seen plenty of their pics, great trails, great scenery, and most importantly great people.

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oh man if my quad wasn't in 23409325302 pieces...I'd totally be there. Post pictures!!!!!!!

Duct tape.

I always have a good time when we get together and ride, and it is a mostly superb group of people.:yes:

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I would love to meet up with you at some point Hooligan. I have been known to do some pretty big road trips. My last one was 3600 miles round trip.

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I would love to meet up with you at some point Hooligan. I have been known to do some pretty big road trips. My last one was 3600 miles round trip.

Cool, come pick me up!

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the frames gettin sandblasted friday and powdercoated next week....the shocks are headin to the gncc in florida to be fixed in the elka trailer...theres just no hope for me riding anytime soon....

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