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Do you use the CHAT Room?

Do you use "LIVE CHAT"?  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you use "LIVE CHAT"?

    • YES
    • NO

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Guest Fox300exchic

I try but every time I go in there...there isnt anyone in there.

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I clicked yes, but I have went there many and no one is ever there or they have been but it was like 3 in the afternoon...Lets set a specific time at least once a week for folks to meet in the chat room....Chris

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I check it too from time to time but no one is in there. Maybe do to time zones and folks getting on the site at different times. But the site has came a long way sence i joined a few months back. The upgrades are cool and helpful.

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Thank you for that feedback. Well the chat is there for everyone to use. You can also create individual rooms. Maybe set up times to meet in there with other members, Maybe post up a time for everyone to meet in there in the forums. :biggrin:

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I agree I have been in there many times and no one else is in there. I have tried different times of the day too.

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I'm bringing this back to life....How about setting a specific time and date down the road that we could all meet in the chat room? Maybe on a weekend day down the road? What do you think? We can go from here and pick out a date if you are all interested. We could have weekly or monthly session(s), Group meetings online....or form your own, etc..

There's plenty of rooms and you can create your own also.

I'm thinking on a saturday down the road....give me your feedback about this.

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