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Update on Children's OHV Ban from BlueRibbon Coalition

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I totally agree, Bot...what they're really doing is not only hurting the economy more, but hurting family bonding, racing, everything. It's more than just fenders on a quad or bike.

Maybe they should have to go to a racing event of some sort and watch the young kids go. And see how many people...parents, family and friends are actually involved. I'd rather see a kid ride a dirtbike then smoke a stogie.

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    • By lovelymommy
      Hello! I am new here and I need some help from the experts. My 9 year old son was given an adult sized 4 wheeler for Christmas. He has never ride one and has never taken a training course. Of course, I just found out about this but was never consulted about him getting this, either.
      Anyways, he was able to ride it this morning and has never had any safety training and honestly, I am petrified he is going to get hurt. It will happen, it's just when.
      I am in the state of Indiana and the law states you must be 14 years old to operate unless there is direct supervision of an 18 year old or other. What exactly does "direct supervision " mean? Is rhis within site of the person riding or is it someone that is ON the ATV?
      Also if there are ANY SUGGESTIONS you guys can give me regarding this it would be helpful.
      My son is only 9 and a very immature 9 year old at that. I feel he has no business being on this without proper training but apparently that isn't as important to some people.
      Also, if there is anyone in the state of Indiana on here that can tell me the rules that would be awesome.
      *in addition* the 4 wheeler is for an adult. My son is only 4 foot 9 and 65 pounda. He's tiny. I am afraid he is certainly nowhere close to having the weight to control this machine.
    • By hangingon
      Top trails in Alabama is on the way to a weekend get away so were going to go by it. The prairie is sick as of friday I think it's the thermostat it started getting hot the water is not flowing and the it full of anti & water.
    • By hangingon
      After many months I now have bought a radiator to replace my old one. Should be here soon! I can't wait to get back to riding. I'll have to mow the grass around where I parked my quad to find it.

    • By atvoffroad4life
      well my 05 king quad 700 has been running good on a honda rancher 350 carb, except it wont open up all the way, it has enough power to sling mud bout 50 feet, but, its just choking down, the intake through that carb is too small, jets too small, it has not overheated, it has not made the exhaust glow, hasnt missed a lick, just wont get over 42mph, it has plenty of lowend power, just like i said, not enough air or fuel to make it have full power, i found a carb off of a 76 ford 300 6cyl, it is a large bore 1 barrel, it is capable of running a 4.9l engine, going to rebuild it, cut the square flange off the bottom, while its apart i will weld a round bottom collar to attach it to the original throttle body mounting boot, hopefully by tues or wed it will be in place of the honda carb and the king quad will be pulling the front end off the ground, will post updates as available
    • By hangingon
      The Dr. released me today but said to take it easy for 2 more weeks and then build up slowly. I did take my quad for a few laps around the yard and my hand did good.
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