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April 2009 ATV Photo Contest - MotoSport!

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I sent messages to those who need to correct their picture
Keep up the good work Bot!!!!!!

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You forgot to smile when typing your enforcement of contest rules.:sifonec:

:biggrin: How'a that?

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Here we go. My first entry into he contests.

This is a picture snapped after my friends and I just crawled over a boulder strewn ravine at Paragon. We have my Arty Cat, a Zuki King Quad 700, a Sportsman 600 and a Honda Rincon.

Hmm, didn't work

lets try this


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Just a heads up for the people that submitted pictures here with no people in them, the first post says:

* You must have 2 or more machines in the photo with riders on or around the machines. By entering this contest, you allow QUADCRAZY the right to use your photo for marketing purposes, ex. Front page advertisements, banners, etc.

Thanks Ajmboy I am going to submit my pic hopefully today and I would have totally missed those stipulations.

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thnx guys, I'll do my research a little more into my deployment when I'm ready to get back home. just wanting to get some info. :) can't wait to get back and crank her up into 5th grear after giving her some TLC. :)

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Me jumping on my banshee during sandfest 07 at Little Sahara OK dunes... My buddy Josh on his banshee and Dave on his 400ex watching in the background


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