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New Renegade snorkel system

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I just had my Cat snorkeled by East Coast ATV Snorkels and was checking out their other products. The just came out with a cool looking system for the new Renegade, check it out.


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i like the snorkel an i have heard good things from them for their snorkels... u got any pics of ur atv bigcatdave... those tubes coming out the side look nice but they look small for exhaust and intake for the transmission housing but idk

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Since my Cat is a stock 500 manual shift, they installed a 1 1/2 inch, tall snorkel. They know what I'm planning on going in, so they made it tall, lol. By going with the 1 1/2" I won't need to change jetting or anything and since it's a manual shift, I don't need anything for the trans. Here's a link to a pic of mine The ATV Zone -> Gallery -> Viewing image -> BCD__s_cat_005.jpg

You can check out their site, they have several Can Am kits, and are pretty knowledgeable about which kit to recommend along with jetting suggestions. East Coast ATV Snorkels

They are doing a Terex for Ziggy on the Grizz right now, can't wait till this weekend to try and drown them :biggrin:

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LOL, yeah and it turns those tires in the mud too. If you want to see it in action, come to Lost Trails on May 9th.

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Well the snorkel testing was a lot of fun! I need to get used to the feeling of my quad going under lol. One thing that I realized after yesterday is that I am much more confident in my machine now. Where I would have slowed down to cross a deep puddle so as not to suck water into the intake, I just hit the gas and go faster. Another thing I noticed, with having the snorkel up where I can see it, I know when I'm taking water in and can slow down so the waves aren't as high. Between the Snorkel and some secret mod they did, my Cat is like an all new machine. I did my first ever full wheelie from a standing start!

Ziggy's Terex was awesome to say the least. He had the whole dam thing under water at times. Went in one deep pond where the waves were coming over his hood and hitting him in the chest! The only problem he had was forgetting to put it in 4wd and being rescued by an Arty Cat :laugh: The machine never stalled though. He couldn't engage the 4wd because he couldn't see the controls under the muddy water!

We'll get videos and pictures up this coming week

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Yeah, that's weird. If you go to the Gallery on TheATVZone all the newest images from Peach and LilZiggy are from this past weekend.

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I just got a setup of these snorkels.

The fitting wasnt easy but now its in place.





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