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Are you new to the site? Where are you from?

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6 hours ago, quadmaniac said:

Welcome, it is a very good place if you are into ATVs and offroad!


Wow pretty cool, outside the US, Welcome! How's the riding in Nova Scotia?

so so have to take the bike aways  to get to good trails, logging roads etc.......

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New to the site, from Winston-Salem, NC

From Northeast Arkansas here just got a 1997 Suzuki Quad Runner LT-F250. Now I am hooked on tinkering with them.

Greetings from South Central Ontario Canada!  I play, ride and 'work' (retired) on 3 acres of bush north of Huntsville, not far from Algonquin Park.  Its nice to see this is an international community

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Ole texas poboy here just picked up a used vector 500 at home depot for 3 grand been sitting in their warehouse for 3 years needed a new module and they just forgot about it manager found it got it fixed and decided to put it out for sale....we picked up a new freezer today and saw it listed for 4300 offered him 3000 and he said sure lol...been running around on our property since i got home and got mommas new freezer hooked up... what a blast ... anyway howdy y'all

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I am new to the sight.  Just purchased a 2000 Polaris sportsman 500 HO.  Needs a little TLC and am hoping to get some tips from some more seasoned members.  Live in eastern PA and plan to use it for hunting and recreation.  Hope everyone is enjoying the memorial day weekend.  

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Greetings from South Central Ontario Canada!  I play, ride and 'work' (retired) on 3 acres of bush north of Huntsville, not far from Algonquin Park.  Its nice to see this is an international community.

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Posted (edited)

New to the site and new to quads in general!  Been a automotive line technician for a couple years but recently started working on atvs! Been loving it. Have a 95 Polaris 300 2x4 a 2005 Chinese 90cc 2 stroke and a 85 Yamaha moto 4 200. Bought them all cheap and not running. Was able to get them all running but currently have the Yamaha torn down for a top end rebuild ( waiting on parts) and the 90 torn down for painting and the exhaust burnt/broke so need to find or weld a new pipe for her.  Trying to make my 10 posts so I can download some manuals


oh I’m from brightwood Oregon but the way it’s about 60 miles east of Portland. Love living in the stix 

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      hello riders,new guy in the house.i am a owner operator of a custom metal polishing shop,located in southeast indiana.i live to polish and love to ride!!
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      Hey all, just stumbled across this place so i joined up. I hope to meet a few new people and possibly find a few new places to ride in Southern Ontario.
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      I was wondering if anybody seen that problem and know what could cause it 
      it’s new to me 2018 Yamaha grizzly 700 with just over 4000km 
      it starts fine and runs great until it gets to normal running temp. Fan turns on few times and than it stalls. If I try to start it right after It won’t start but if I let it cool for a while it will start and run normal for a bit and than stall again. 
      so far I checked the stator output voltage and it’s around 22 volts AC between all 3 poles. I measured voltage on the battery while it runs and it’s around 14v so charging seems ok. 
      I’ve read somewhere that it could be the coil but I’m not sure how to test it 
      does anybody have any ideas what could that be ? 
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