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2007 Outlander Max XT - Stalls or won't start

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I have a 2007 Outlander MAX XT.

I had a major problems getting it started this spring. I went through three spark plugs before I went more then 18km.

When it starts I don't have any power for about 0.1km and it will often stall. Once it gets going it runs fine (went for a short 30km run last weekend with no problems).

Last night it started fine but then cut out after less then 2 minutes while letting it warm up (currently -15 deg celcius -27 with wind chill)

This morning it wouldn't start at all.

There are a number of Outlanders here in town which all seem to be working fine but they are all older models.

Could this just be because it is so cold? Or are there some other test I should do to help diagnose this problem?

Thank you

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I would say check with Can-am to see if there is any recalls on the EFI. Might have the wrong mapping for the EFI for where you live. Yamaha and Honda had that problem in certain places in the US. Mostly at the temps you are currently having.

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That is a fuel injected machine? Do you have fresh gas in it along with a clean air filter.

I believe that is Fuel Injected. It's obviously a cold start issue. Some possible causes:

1. EFI systems are controlled by a mini ECM or module, and may need to be flashed or reprogrammed. Could be what BuckBilly said.

2. Not sure, but maybe there is a cold start injector like on cars that may be having an issue.

3. Could be a temperature sensor that is not telling the machine to dump more fuel when it's cold or before reaching operating temperature.

No matter how you look at it, since it's fuel injected..I would take it to a dealer if you are not familiar with the system.

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I thank everyone for their thoughts and suggestions. Here is what I discovered.

Yes there is some water in the gas... but not enough to cause problems.... Turns out that even though BRP suggests using NGK spark plugs... THEY DON"T WORK!!!

I was able to finally find a Champion plug that fits and my baby fired up first try - with no choke - for the first time in the three years that I had it...

was just out cruising on the sea ice for a few hrs and she's running perfect in the -15deg Celcius temperature...

now I just need the snow to melt so I can get out for a real ride...

again... thaks for the suggestions...

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That is very strange, NGK is the plug of choice in most if not all Japanese engines. This might sound stupid, but are you sure you had it gapped properly? Maybe the NGK's have a problem with cold weather or something.

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Jeff- firstly, you mentioned in your last post that you had choke on your unit, which makes me thik that it is a 400 single, not the v twin efi.

If so, 400's have be notorious for fouling plugs. Some have done some pilot jet changes slightly leaner. As to cold weather use, definetly switch to the 0-40w sythetic oil . And i recommend a pan heater , low wattage- 75-125 watt, plug in 2-3 hrs before need.

Hope this helps

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can you give me the champion plug number both my 400 ,s eat ngk plugs every time i ride them thanks

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can you give me the champion plug number both my 400 ,s eat ngk plugs every time i ride them thanks





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