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Kingquad 700 stuck in 4wd/diff locked

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my kingquad 700 is stuck in 4 wheel drive with the diff locked and wont come out, anyone know what the problem could be?

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Did you go through some mud? Try rolling the quad down hill while it's running in neutral, then press the diff lock button, then disengage the 4wd button.

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I've tried bout everything I think its in the switch or relay or something,cause my 4wd/diff light usally blinks and it's not now.

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try new 4wd /selector /throttle and still nothing anyone know what it might be?

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Could be the actuator itself, or a relay. If you know where the relay is, check to see if there is power on the load side of the relay when the key is on using a multimeter or some other type of tester. A simple test light will work. If no, then the problem is that you have no power to the circuit, trace the wire back to the battery to see where you lose power. If there is power, check to see if the relay sends power to the actuator, if not then your problem is likely the relay, if it does send power to the acuator, then the actuator is not functioning. Check to make sure it is grounded, and you may want to test the actuator by applying power to the leads, it would be best to do this after you remove it from the atv. There should be two relays and two hot leads on the actuator, one to engage, one to disengage. This is all assuming that you replaced the switch, which is what I got from your last post. You can also test the disengage relay by switching it with the engage relay, they should be identical.

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Hi there.

What you are describing has been happering to the KingQuad since they came out.

yes it could be your fuse/power/motor/full of dirt...

But there would normaly be a fault code.

I have seen this 3 times on 2x 700s and 1x 450.

each time it was the Diff not getting comletely in to 4x4 but the computer did not get the signal...

So it is haveing a mental delema! it wants to go in to 4x4 but the relay is already there, so it is thinking that it cant do it.

to fix it you have to make either the electric motor turn forward (via phyicaly turning by hand or electricity) to advance the cogs in the dif.

and get it in the same place as the computer thinks it is in! the computer knows what it happerning in the dif via the round electric ccontact pad on the left side of the dif.

some people have put 12v in to the back of the motor and moved it forward.

some people have pulled the entire diff appart and put it all back together again and found it suddenly worked again.

my self I unscrewed the round cover plate off the contact pad (left side of diff, 3 screws) to reveal the electric pickups and I shorted the bottom 2 tracts together. making the computer think that the diff "was" in diff lock. then the computer must notice that it is in the worng place and starts to move the it in to dif lock.

I still dont know what causes it.

some owners never get it, some it could happen 2 or 3 times a year.

I used to think that it was caused due the dif being "half way" from 4x4 to 2x4 and while half way the bike gets turned off... so that the computer forgets what it was doing or where it was, and from there can no longer fix its self.

I had the oppertunity to talk to the head 2 guys at Suzuki Australia office at the last service school this year, and apparantly Suzuki Japan is not awear of the problem, and is not working on a fix. However there was about 75% of the other mechanics there that knew about the problem and had tryed there own way to fix it.

if you dont feel confident doing it your self, take it to the dealer, but make shore that they know what you mean when you tell them the problem.

Even if you were to ring around and find a store who has fixed it before.

also, if you were to get your hands on the wireing diagram, and look at the diff layout... it will do your head in!!!!!!! it is a very strange thing that they did with the wiring.

it is not because they are being overly commplicated to be cruel, rather it is because they wanted the computer to know if motor dies as well as the relay dies so they can give a fault code.

so the wires are not as a normal electrical thinking guy would be used to.

I do recomend getting a wiring diagram before you give it a go.

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WOW! PROFILL has some great information I would have NEVER got. Thanks and keep it coming!!! Much appreciated.:yes:

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