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Well I am here... Hello

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New to the quad family... Worked a deal where I bought my old neighbors 1989 yamaha moto-4- 100cc 4 stroke engine. A nice quad for my first quad... Anyway I picked it up for

$120 bucks... I then installed a new coil for the $35 bucks or so ... i am into the thing for right around $150 or so... I just can not see paying 2-3-4- grad for one.... I did work a couple deals and added a pocket quad 2 cycle 49 cc for $200 and a sunl 90cc quad that I traded a Nintendo Wii {$250} and pocket bike {I had $50 into it} for the sunl.

opps i also most forgot the HONCHO quad that I have from early 80's that i picked up for $200 that has a 8hp Kolher engine on it...

so for my 4 quads I have $950 into them...

and all of them run... the Honcho needs to be taken more apart and finished restored...


So I am learning on the Moto-4 and eyeing a yamaha raptor ....

More to come...

i am located in MA in East Bridgewater anyone from down in this area?

Looking for places {dare I say it } local to ride....

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Guest Fox300exchic

Hey Craig! You see his page? He's got a 3 wheeler! lol :D

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hey thanks guys {and gal} i am trying to work the nextr deal on abandoned raptor

I think i offered $200 the last time I went by the house


I thnk its a raptor....

I think it is worth $200 ...

Not sure of runing etc etc just figue that even if I have to rebuilt top end still cheaper than 3-4 grand ...

What do you all think?


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Guest Fox300exchic

Looks like a 2 stroke to me too.

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Looking through posts here, I realized I never welcomed you ZAMARO! My bad, Welcome! Even though it was almost last year that you joined...LOL Haven't really seen you in these forums.

Anyways, welcome!

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