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I'm sure you have all wondered about snorkels on your ATV and I have finally went for it and made dual snorkels for my ATV.

My quad, like most, comes with a factory snorkel So I removed that and put some 1.5" PVC out of it with two 45 degrees to get around the engine like so:



Then I continued off of that with a straight piece going by the engine and into the fender


then in the fender I used 3 90 degrees to clear make sure the wheel never rubs on it.


I dont have a good pic but I used a T pipe at the top part to split it into a dual snorkel (I had a single but the dual made a difference by giving it all the airflow it needed)

Here is a picture of the whole assembly if you are having trouble visualizing it


After all that I painted the PVC black then used clear tubing (refrigerator water line) to extend the factory vent lines from the rear drum and differential. This is very important...

here are some finished pictures (I dont have any from the OHV park but they have passed the creak test :D)

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here are some finished pictures (I dont have any from the OHV park but they have passed the creak test :D)






Edited by Spooge

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hey its been a while... atv has changed a lot i see u got a k&n and some itps in the rear...if ur going to go through some deep stuff, switch out those mudlites for some highlifter outlaws...o and with that snorkel u didnt have to rejet? anyway great job.. and did u put di-electric grease on all your electric connections??

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Im plenty happy with my mudlites especially with the mixed terrain I ride on.. and I didnt modify the engine at all for the snorkels.

And yes, before winter I greased all of the connections... funny story, before I got the mudlites I got stuck in deep water and my winch was able to pull me 20 feet to the shore... while completely submerged!

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Sweet snorkel setup. I was wondering how easy it would be to do this. Is it recommended that you also do the vent lines when you do this? I saw yours attached to the snorkels.


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I was able to make and install these snorkels in one day so its not a very difficult project and yes you do want to extend your vent lines so you dont get water in your brakes (first line) or in your differential (second line) and mixed in with the diff fluid

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Very nice set up...do you have any pictures of your quad submerged?

the last thing I wanted to do was snap pictures in that situation hahaha, but I did take a pic after I got home...


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