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Well picked up a insane performance air box on ebay for $70 got her on today wiring all done. More than I figured several times I was :mad: and :aargh: lmao stupid cylinoid. Somehow it got turned around and was jumping itself but got it figured out and got her all done kinda sorta I have it on and everything inside just gotta clean the inside up a bit.

I removed quiet a bit of extra weight off it and still gotta grind off some of the brackets and such im guessing a total of 3 to 5 lbs just by changing boxes. I removed the box for the case breather and installed 2 mini K&N filters give it a dif look all together and pretty nifty if I do say so lol.

Decals were on it I need to remove them since I dont have anything of it on my bike lol.


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Looks Good,,,,,,!!!!

Can you give a Close up on your Intake?????

Not sure yet if the KEWL Factor on the Double is Helping you or not:huh:

Anyone else have an opinion on this????

I do like the look though:yes:

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Well it cant be hurting. All it is is a snorkle for the transmission and its just filtering air going into both the transmission and the carb so neither is getting raw air. Most atv's just have a hose I just dropped a big plastic box off it and put two filters. Dont think it will help but it wont hurt it either and it looks cooler lol.

I will get pics been working on one my the laptops all day its being a pain and I got to finish getting the dual wileyco exhaust on the DS

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Agreed, the two little filters look cool and I wouldn't think they are hurting anything. However, you will need to check the inside of the crankcase breather occasionally and make sure it doesn't get clogged with oil.

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Im all over it if it becomes a problem I can run my old stock breather kit dont think it will. The DS has been setup with a single on the crank case for awhile now with nothing wrong so far.

And sorry about not getting pics. My wireless router is giving me havoc and its been hard to do anything online. Thought it was the laptop after doing everything possible to fix it moved farther down the line to the router now its just getting the right time to get online.

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