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2005 Kawasaki Brute Force question?

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Im thinking of buying a 2005 brute force 750 from a co-worker but I dont know if I trust him 100% when he says theres nothing wrong with it he seems like he might be a little shady. Are there any common problems with this machine or anything I should look for, its only got about 1500miles. Is this a good model and year??? Any comments or advice is greatly appreciated as far as pros and cons. Also what would a fair price be for this machine in good condition

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Sounds like an issue of trusting your friend more than the Kawi's rep.....

I'm far from an expert, but I ride with a lot of Kawi's, and the '05's seem to be workhorses.....

I've seen odometers with 8K, 9K, 10K. Some stock, some heavily modded....

Why is the coworker getting rid of the '05?

If anything, do what people do when buying a used car....get a mechanic who is neutral to both of you, and have him/her check out the machine....

Just my .000000000000000000000000000000000002¢

-Tom D

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Hes not really a friend just a co-worker I saw it posted on the message board in our breakroom. He said he just doesnt ride it so he want to get it out of the garage, but Ive heard from other people here that hes kind of shady, but I honestly dont know a thing about him myself

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The Brute is a very solid machine. Ask to test ride it, and to see the motor. The motors on 4x4s are usually covered up pretty well. Make sure there is no oil leaking from around the gaskets. Check the oil, make sure it is not milky, that means he sank it. What kind of condition are the plastics in?

I know plenty of people that have bought machines and rode them for a summer and then they sit for years maybe getting it out once a year.

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I guess I was just wondering if that particular model had any bugs that were common specially since it was the 1st yr for the 750, just seems like anytime a company comes out with something new theres always problems the 1st year its out. Or any pros and cons as far as power, handeling, dependability, and so on

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I think that was the first year of the 750 Brute Force. You could have got it in a 650 or a 750. I remember people saying that the 750 was an animal. I remember because I have a 700 king quad which is an 05. The 750 Brute Force was easy to loose control on because of the power, and easy to get the front wheel off the ground. That's pretty much what I was told back then and the fact that it was a great machine.

I woudl do a googl search and see if you find threads liek this: HELP! Persistant Problems with Brute Force 750 - Kawasaki Motorcycle Forums

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i really like the Kawasaki strong machine very dependable...im not sure if they made a 750 with a solid rear axle(SRA), so if it is independent rear suspension i would check the rubber boots on all four axles for any wear, rips, etc.. pretty much everything that was said before is the best way of going at it, make sure u ride it and make sure everything is functional..check the 4x4 on and off switch the diff locker..u will be able to tell if it is locked on because steering it will become more difficult..check fluids..ask him to remove the seat and look under it( u most likely will have to remove the air filter cover)but wen u do all that it should give u a better view of the top of the engine so u can inspect more...last thing would be to check the frame for anything that would look out of the ordinary i.e. bends, cracks in welds and then check the under body..again like u said it does have 1500 miles so expect scratches in the plastics some dings and maybe rust spots..but all in all Kawasaki make very strong machines..how much is he asking for it if u dont mind me asking?

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