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More Brute Force questions

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Ok guys Ive got a few more for ya.


Ive thought about getting new rubber for the wheeler it has some half worn down 25" Kenda executioners on it and Id like to get something that maybe rides a little better and does as good or better in the mud if thats an option. Any tire model suggestions? Also I would like to go to a 27" or mayb e even a 28" are there any disadvantages to doing this would I have to change anything on the wheeler to make up for the larger tires? Ive had a couple people tell me that they would be hard on the clutch.


Ive seen some really nice looking aluminums but not sure they are tough enough to handle trail riding...Are they??? If so what would you reccommend, id like a little off set to give it a slightly wider stance and better stability but a buddy has a set of ITP wheels and the rear is offset a lot compared to the frnt and it looks great but hes constantly getting the back wheels hung up on trails


I see that the airbox on the brute is where a normal wheelers gas cap would be, so that being said am I good to go with water as long as it doesnt go over that point os is it not sealed up to the box? Also how about the belt and it staying dry, do I need to do anything to ensure that it doesnt get soaked and leave me stranded.

Oh by the way I love this thing the more I ride it the more Im glad I went with the powerhouse, Ive run with a couple polaris 500s 700s a grizzly 660, and 700 and a couple rincon 680s that were built and they cant touch my stock 750, although she likes her gas thats for sure i got about 50miles and Im needing a refill

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The 750 Brute Force is an animal!!! Got any pics? Did you ever go with any tire or rims?

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I would suggest Highlifter Outlaw MST's, or Maxxis Zilla's. They have been favored by many people in extreme conditions. If your planning to run 27' or 28' tires I would suggest you look into some clutch work. You can run a green or a lime green secondary spring from EPI. Once you install your new secondary spring and properly shim your belt to 23-27mm you should be good to go.

Here is a few threads if you wish to further explore clutching information:

Secondary Clutch Springs - - View topic - Secondary Clutch Springs (Info)

Primary Clutch Springs - - View topic - Primary Clutch Springs (Info)

Clutch Spring Install - - View topic - Clutch Spring Install (With Pics)


Alluminum wheels will do fine on the trails. I've ran alluminum rims (ITP) in some extreme conditions and they hold up fine. There are tonnes of brands of rims out there. Pick a rim that suits your needs. I would recomend ITP SS312's 14x6's or in your case 14x8's for the extra width/stance. It's up to you.


"I see that the airbox on the brute is where a normal wheelers gas cap would be, so that being said am I good to go with water as long as it doesnt go over that point os is it not sealed up to the box? Also how about the belt and it staying dry, do I need to do anything to ensure that it doesnt get soaked and leave me stranded."

The air intake is located near the radiator area under the front rack (The airbox itself generally stays sealed). The belt intake and exhaust are close by. You will need to install snorkels if you wish to ride in deeper waters. Here is an article that shows you how to make Brute Force Snorkels for next to nothing.

MudInMyBlood Forums How To: Snorkel The Brute Force

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