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Swampcat says Hi

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to say a few things about me and that I plan on hanging out around here a bit more. Myspace and Facebook are starting to drive me crazy.

My name is Rob and I ride in NEPA. My name is the same on all other forums.

My goal is to ride once a week, even if it is just to the local spot.

I love to tinker with my Arctic Cat, so if you have questions hit me up.

I also drive a Kawi Teryx when the Cat is either broken or being worked on.

Anything else just ask.

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Welcome to QUADCRAZY swampcat07! You said you love to tinker...have you done any modifications to your AC? How do you like your Teryx? I was thinking of getting a UTV one day myself.

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Thanks guys. Below are the mods on the cat. As for the Teryx I love it. I bought a first year model when it became a leftover so no Fuel Injection but besides that no complaints. It flies down the trails and the suspension/ride can't be compared to the Cat. I love the wide stance and long wheelbase.

2007 Arctic Cat 650 H1 Mods

27" Mud Lite XTR on 12" LE Rims

29.5 Outlaws on 12" LE Rims

Secondary Mod

EBC Brakes and Rotors

All Balls Axel Bearings

2" Snorkel

Black Magic Exhaust

PIAA Driving Lights

LED Taillight Bulb

Auto meter Volt and Temp Gauge

Circuit Breaker Mod

One Way Check Valve on Carb. Overflow

PVC Valves on Duckbills

Fuel Filter

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nice set of mods i have been reading about the secondary mod...was there a noticeable difference to u? and wat is the circuit breaker mod

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The secondary mod is very noticable, so much so that I almost never use low or my brakes anymore. The only negative thing is that you ride with the rpms higher. Cheap mod and you can always reverse it. The circuit breaker mod is to replace critical fuses with circuit breakers. I did the main and the fan. This way if you blow a fuse all you have to do is shut the atv off and then turn it back on. So if your stuck on a hill you do not even have to get off.

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For the Fuses in the Newer Cats:

Replace the fan fuse with a Circuit Breaker. (Bussmann BUS CB21215 Type II or BUS CB21115 Type I)

Replace the main fuse with a Circuit Breaker (Bussmann BUS CB21130 Type I, )

I used the Type Is

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Welcome to QuadCrazy Swampcat! Glad your here. Looks like quite a killer machine you have.

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I am going to do new rings and maybe a new high compression piston. I want to get a highlifter secondary spring and also suspension springs from them. Also I have big plans for the carb but I am not sure I want to share at this point.

I just posted a blog about all the mods and maintainance I have already completed.

What I ride, Arctic Cat and Teryx Mods » QUADCRAZY ATV Community

I will have to find out what motor you have in ther before I can recomend anything. Look like from viewing your garage you have a few things done.

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yea i have done a few things its a 400cc,, um the highlifter springs are great as u see from my avatar i have them,, u def should get the spring compressor they have unless u already own one.. for u stock springs u could put hockey pucks underneath the springs if the sag is to much...

for the secondary spring if thats all u want i would recommend going to the epi website and just picking out one, cause the HL kits come with the primary and secondary springs...

for the carburetor r u doing that mod that was in the HL forums were u drill out 1/8 whole in the carb to improve acceleration??

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Cliping the spring and drilling the slide is a good start but this might be a bit diffrent. I want to see if it is going to work before I say anything.

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