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Buy an ATV or UTV ?

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Hi ! I just bought a home in the country with 5 acres and have a few trails to ride on. I am debating whether to get an ATV or a UTV. I am gonna need something to plow my driveway this winter and am gonna have some wood cutting to do also. My son and I also hunt these Illinois whitetails. Was leaning towards a Rhino,figured it could do about anything I would need to do,but they are pricey. Plaease give me your reccomendations as to what would suit my needs.

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I think a Rhino would better suit your needs. It has a bed that can carry 400lbs with dumping capabilities. It also comes with a receiver to put a ball on and tow a small trailer. It also has a 1200lbs towing capacity. It is also nice that if you and your son go outhunting or just for fun, you both have a comfortable and your not riding chest to back.

When you decide to kick back on the side of a trail, the seats come out and make some handy little trail side lazy boys.

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I had the same decision to make and initially wanted a rhino/ranger/mule. I got an ATV instead and couldn't be happier. They are much cheaper and can go more places than the UTV. I hook up a trailer to haul wood/dirt/rocks/whatever and it works great. I still think I would like to have a UTV but I really wouldn't have much use for it to justify the cost.

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O, i'm sorry, I have one and they are real good on trails, they are very strong, this means that it could easily plow your driveway, since it has a solid axle you can tow alot of wood with it, I haul a 18 foot trailer around the deer lease with mowers and other stuff. The honda foreman is very well made and at Great River Honda in Mississippi you can get it for $5500, the back rack is pretty big and can haul a deer if you kill one. At my deer lease down here in Texas there is alot of mud and my foreman is real good for the mud, just get some ITP Mud Lite's.

Thats just my two cents.

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O, also the yamaha rhino was claimed to be very dangerous and yamaha is getting sued over it so a polaris ranger would be more suited for you if you must have a UTV.

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I have a yamaha rhino and it is not dangerous. The people driving them are dangerous. Like the guy who lost his arm from driving his rhino in a straight line at 15mph on flat ground and it flipped on his arm...ok.

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