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Honestly i just look at the new post thing mainly. And i go through every post.
Works for me to BOSS BOY!!!!!!!!!

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Honestly i just look at the new post thing mainly. And i go through every post.

This is pretty much what I do too.

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    • By Steve Howard
      Ran find shut down the quad next day would start and idle when you try to accelerate it would start popping through the carb got a rebuild kit soaked it in chem clean after break down for 12 hours on slow vibrate reassembled and adjusted per manual still the same thing any help would be really appreciated thanks and happy ridding  
    • By 06kfx440
      So I was looking at my John Deere today and though, how could I make this cooler. So I tinted the windows. Lol.
      As I got home I was staring at my Polaris and the wife’s kfx. I thought I would have to replace the crank because of piston slap on the Polaris. Turns out I just had to adjust the choke cable a tad more. Runs great.
      Why do we have insurance if we only need it sometimes, and that’s questionable.
      What is the definition of being an adult? You can ask 6 people and get 6 different answers.
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    • By quadcrazy
      Do any mods to your atv? Let's hear about it!!!
    • By wendi loden
      I replaced the fuel pump filter and it ran great for a week or so. Then while driving across the yard in 3rd gear it shut off and hasn't started since. It has fire and its getting fuel, all fuses are good, battery fully charged. The fuel pump relay seems to be warmer than it should be when spinning it over. Any help is appreciated!
    • By JacobSlabach
      recently picked up some project bikes off CL for cheap.  got a honda fourtrax (the ancient 4x4 kind with the straight axle in the front as well as the rear and a back-up kick-start)  plastics are crap, but my goal is to get running like a champ and patch the plastics up and sell to one of my many friends that want a reliable 4x4 for dirt cheap and doesnt care what it looks like.
      so the former owner says it needs carb rebuilt, but its sat for 3+ years since so who knows.  things I see:  carb is missing (he gave me a box of parts along with the bike), engine turns over and feels good with kick-start, brakes need work, battery missing (That always puts me off, cause then I know most likely someone's been tampering with the electrical.
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    • By toonces
      My mother has just developed a fairly serious case of sciatica, which is a condition where you have some serious leg pain as the result of a pinched sciatic nerve. One of the exercises she does in physical therapy is simply the therapist holding onto her foot and pulling away from her hips as she lays on her back on a table. To replicate this exercise at home they have recommended an inversion table (where you turn upside down and hang from your feet), but since she's not too keen on this idea I'm trying to figure out how to replicate this exercise...which is where the idea of a remotely operated winch comes in.
      I don't really have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to what equipment is out there that can help me accomplish this goal, but I'm not too shabby at designing things and since I just installed a superwinch on my grizz this is the first idea I've come up with.
      Basically I'm imagining using some kind of winch whose rope would be worked through a pulley system that would end attached to a shoe which Mom would put on, lie down and use the remote switch to gently stretch the leg.
      - Winch (if an ATV winch) would be powered by a 12v car battery hooked up to a trickle charger
      - Safety mechanisms would include...
      - a light switch dimmer inline between the 12v battery and the winch so speed can be adjusted.
      - possibly using one of those stretchy rubber exercise resistance bands in the line segment to regulate and ease the pulling
      - a remote power cut off switch paired with the remote 'in/out' switch
      Honestly I could just go ahead and make this system myself, and I'm fairly sure it would work, but I thought I'd bounce this idea off a mechanically minded community to see if there are any ideas how I could improve on the design.
      Since I'm only familiar with ATV winches at this point that's what I've imagined using. But if anyone is aware of a 110v based winch that would be more appropriate, that would surely help in simplifying powering the system since it'll be located indoors. Only requirement for the winch would be that it would need both an in and out function operated by a remote switch. And since the winch would only need to pull between 10-20 lbs it wouldn't need to be nearly as beefy as the ATV type.
      Sorry for the long write up here but I'm certainly glad for your time and open to your opinions and suggestions.
    • By surbike11
      Thanks in advance for any help or guidance. I was out riding the other day and lost all spark. I have read every thread on every forum that I could find and have not found an answer. I have checked the codes and its 00. I have ohm metered the stator and crank sensor. I have also replaced the coil pack. I have inspected and cleaned all connections. I do not mud the machine, it is mostly used at the hunting lease for working plots. When I installed the new coil I held the plug on the side of the engine and got 2 little sparks when first turning over and then nothing again. When you turn the machine over like this it eventually flashes EFI on the screen. I checked both wires that go to the coil and noticed that both have ground continuity. While turning over the blue and white one cycle from around 1v to almost 12v. The battery has a full charge and I am at a total loss. I took the kill switch apart and all looked well. Oh yea and all fuses are good. Help me please I am getting very frustrated. Thanks
    • By aaronIRL
      Hey guys .. i have a suzuki ltf-160 and it starts first go but when its running it wont take full throttle without backfiring or acting like its hitting the limiter.. my friend who is a mechanic reckons its a spark problem but needed more opinions... any help i greatly appreciated
    • By hangingon
      we hear the claims of tires and whats good for trail riding, mud,moto x, sand, etc. I want to know what tire is good for trails covered in leaves those suckers are slicker than mud I think. I would hit the throttle and then the fish tailing would start it was fun until you trying to stop and you slide while headed for a tree.
    • By oxidized_black
      I found this and thought it would be of interest to some members ...
      Don’t Let it Happen to You
      A few short years ago the off-road world was enamored with 2-strokes thanks to their reputed simplicity and performance. Then, seemingly overnight, the four-stroke mill resurfaced and has since taken over nearly every aspect of the performance-quad segment. To many long-time 2-stoke devotees, the concept of valves, cam chains, and wide, flat pistons threw them for a loop.
      There is no denying the reality that more moving parts equals higher rebuild costs, but there’s no reason to forget everything you’ve learned throughout the years in diagnosing a tired engine as a result. The following report is designed to shed some light on what to look for specifically if you’re uncertain whether or not it’s time for a four-stroke rebuild. Remember that it’ll save you money if you catch the problem before it actually fails.
      A Game of Hours
      If you just brought home your new ATV, take advantage of the fact that it’s yet unridden and pick up an hour meter. If that’s beyond your means, keep a log of time spent in the saddle. There’s no more an accurate means of determining when you’re due for a rebuild then by keeping track of the hours on the motor. Your ATV’s owner’s manual will provide intervals (usually on the conservative side) as to how often you should be freshening up the internals. Keep in mind that racing will speed up wear while gentle trail riding will extend service life.
      Condition Induced Guilt
      In keeping with the first entry, be honest with yourself (even if the hour meter says you’re still in the good zone). Have you been neglecting oil changes or racing with caked on mud? Have you flogged your quad in the sand/dust? Have you let air filter maintenance slide or ran the ATV without realizing it was low on coolant? These are all factors that can greatly accelerate time between rebuilds.
      Lend Me Your Ear
      Especially detectable at idle (beneath the rumble of the exhaust note); listen for clunking, thumping, or rattling sounds in the top-end. This is especially important if a sound you don’t remember hearing before suddenly pops up during a ride. Remember that not all four-stroke noises mean catastrophe: A loose flywheel or stretched cam chain are common culprits to the rattles. However, in either case, tightening down or replacing the worn bits can avert a full-on engine failure.
      Compression Depression
      Sorry to break it to you, but that old compression gauge that told you when the piston in your 2-smoke was due for a replacement doesn’t work on a modern four-stroke. This one has become a shop specialty, as most will have a leak-down tester capable of measuring static compression.
      Read Your Oil
      In the modern four-stroke, there are few indicators as valuable or as accurate as reading the lubrication-fluid that had just spent time circulating among the engine’s internals. If you’re suddenly spotting excessive debris in the bottom of the oil pan after a change it could very well indicate trouble. Also smell the oil being drained (even if it still looks fairly clean). If it smells burnt or like fried-clutch, it may be time to freshen things up.
      Clearance Items
      It turns out the manufacturers don’t provide the clearances of certain engine components just to be fancy. By checking these numbers, you can easily tell if things have worked themselves out of whack. Begin with valve lash and work your way into the internals with piston ring end gap, skirt clearance, and rod and valve guides.
      Hard Starting
      Four-stroke engines will often let you know something’s wrong a little bit before a full meltdown by refusing to fire up. If your quad suddenly seems harder to start or requires much more cranking than usual, take heed. Poor compression or improper valve clearance are often to blame.
      The Rest of the Quad
      If you’re still in the dark as to whether it’s time to consider a rebuild, take a look at the rest of your quad. Have you burned the knobs off the stock rear tires? Have you replaced the original brake pads yet? Is everything else in need of a refresher? A simple way to get a rough estimate as to how many hours are on the motor itself is to factor against the more-frequent maintenance performed.
      No Smoking Zone
      Yes it was perfectly natural to trail exhaust smoke in the 2-stroke days but if your four is puffing clouds, not a good sign! If your quad suddenly decides to take up the smoking habit, it’s possible the valves/ guide seals are starting to fail. Even more likely is that the piston rings have worn to the point where they no longer seal against the cylinder wall.
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