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2007 arctic cat 500 sputters and backfires!!!!!!!!!

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well im back with a new problem with my cat ... now my atv spitts and sputters and backfires when u give it gas ... we thought maybe water in the gas so we cleaned it all up carb and all and still does that can anyone help me please:aargh::no:

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What year is the machine? Is it fuel injected? Make sure the air filter is clean, and you might want to test your CDI unit and other igniton components, also check the flywheel key.

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Check valve clearance and timing, timing chain/tensioner, and check the ignition timing as well. Drain the gas tank and try fresh fuel. Check your jetting and carb adjustments, have you had a drastic change in the weather there?

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I am inclined to think that you are having a fuel problem, but it could be an electrical issue also. What, if any of these suggestions we have given have you checked into? If we know what all you have tried, we have a better chance at figuring out the problem. On top of what I suggested in the last post, I would check your battery, fuel pump and all hoses connected to it, electric choke mechanism, stator output. Check for any obstructions in the fuel line, filter if there is one, you need to make sure there is fuel getting to the carb.

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I'm having the same problem. Arctic Cat sputters when you run it. A friend that is a mechanic did everything he knew. Check carb, drained and replaced fuel and plug. You name it, he did it. He thinks that it may be an electrical problem but I can't afford to take it to a dealer for repair. Could it be something with the cdi? Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes, a problem with the CDI is possible, I would try to eliminate the most simple things first. Check the plug boot and coil wire, unscrew the boot from the wire and make sure there is a good wire at the end of the coil wire for the boot screw to contact with. Other possibilities could be the coil, pickup coil, or bad wiring or a bad ground somewhere. Also, look at your spark plug, what does it look like?

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Take off the rear plastics and the pod follow down the wires around the frame in the rear from the fuse block and where they rub the steering stem in the front. These are two common areas for the ignition wires to rub thru.

Also look for leaks in your carb intake. Check the boot, your airbox etc. if it has a leak then it leans out your jetting.

The fuel pump makes a loud clicking and you know if it is working.

I had the same problem after going through a mudhole and I found out it was from getting water in the carb bowl drain.

If you have any other questions post them here but also PM me because I am not online that much in the summer. I am very familiar with the 07-10 cats and am sure I can help.

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