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North West Trike Rampage

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Just thought I would drop a note...If there is anyone interested in attending please do....We need all the Rider Support we can get....Lots of KEWL things to do this yr.....This is our Third Yr now and it doubles in size every yr...We are expecting about 200 people and shooting to surpass the Trike size as well....Hope for at least 75 this yr....Anyway,,,Just wanted extend an invitation to everyone that can make it for the day or Camp out with us....

Link to the Event Flyer


BTW....Quads are Welcome:biggrin:

Group shot from last yr....





Had to throw one of me in here.....aboard my 1985 350X




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Looks like you might have to help me out here....I Cannot Link This thread from the Events Page....I thought is was just something with the System...So I tried to like the Flyer Direct....No Luck...It just brings up the Events Page again....

Any Ideas?????

Thank you,,,,

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Yeah,,,,I put it in there when you posted last....What I was getting at is that I cannot post a Link in That Thread to this Thread....OR.....Post a Link to the Rampage Flyer....When you click the link it takes you right back to the Events Page.....:sad:

Any Help would be appreciated.....

Thanks in advance,,,,


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Here is a Taste of what everyone that didnt make it missed....

Some pics of My Camp when you arrive in


Dirtdog helping to make a Track out in the Dunes


Some ATC70 Fun!!


Some of the Bike out there....They say there were 40 in this Shot...


Show and Shine Trikes



350X's DO FLOAT!!!!!



Thats all for now...Too Bad you didnt Make it Richard...It was just one more missed opportunity to see me:biggrin:

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