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The Spartan Racing Guys would like to know what you would like to see in our new videos, we just purchased a new mac desk top and Final Cut Studios editing software so our capabilities are virtually endless. Let us know how you want our videos to look, we uploaded a clip of our slow motion capabilities, check it out at our channel spartanracing43.

Let us know if our videos are to fast/slow, if we are missing certain styles of ridng. All of our videos will feature sand dunes, but let us know if we are leaving out anything that completes the sand duning experience.

Thanks ~Alex

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Did you guys put the Clean up dates on your Calendar????

Have you guys ever put this vids to DVD??? Maybe a Few Raffle Prizes????

Can you tell me a little about your Video Set ups...How many of you have a Camera.....

What I dont think I have ever seen is just "REAR VIEW"If all of ya have a Camera play follow the leader On a Fast Dune Twist with nothing but footage of the Guy behind ya...Not sure what it would turn out like but would like to see it non the less...

Just an idea,,,,,:wink:

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Yeah dune clean up its on the calender!!! but keep reminding me...lol How often do you update the sandwizards website i have not seen much new activity on it.

Yeah our big goal is to produce a DVD of all our vids, but we want it to be all HD footage, so we need a few more trips, plus we need to get in contact with a company that does DVD stuff.

We have two sony Webbie HD cameras and are looking for a third, we also want to get a GoPro HD wide helmet cam, they just came out and are $300

The rear view would be cool, once we get the helmet cam we can attach it to our bikes and do some cool angels like that.

Thanks for the input!

We are currently working on our next video, we just purchased a new mac desktop and final cut studios so our videos will be better than ever!!!

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Spartan Racing uploaded a new video to you tube, check our channel spartanracing43 let us konw what you think!

I uploaded it to quadcrazy.com videos...If you want to upload it or any others, just go here: Video Upload » QUADCRAZY ATV Community

I can remove this one if you want it under your videos to upload..not a problem, just let me know. Great video, here it is:

Oregon Dunes Apocalypse 3 » ATV Videos » QUADCRAZY ATV Community

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