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PLZ HELP!! about ASVAB!!

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plz does any1 kno how i can improve my asvab score? i bought this big book and its like 500 pgs long and studyed the hole thing and that didnt work soo now im studyin it agian!! plz is there another way!

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study the job you like, certain jobs have a sub requirement that adds up different parts of the test. like if you like building and want to be a BU, look up what the required score is of that section and study those parts to become better in those areas to be able to have the best chance to become a BU.

I didn't study for it, just took it during my senior year back in 2000 and passed with a 76.

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thanx 4 the help i think i need a 50 when i went 2 take a practice test(before i studyed) i only got a 34 butt i bs thru the thing and felt i could do much better...my freind got a 96 without studyin but he got all As in school and i never payed attention in school ...regret that :/ still open 4 more advice any1 else

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I scored a 96 as well, but I failed the color vision test. I passed the red/green test but my list of available jobs went from all of them to only a handful, and none of them were ones that I was interested in.

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AW MAN!!!? how do u pplz doo it ...u guys must me super smart or im super dumb lol that really sucks tho dirt demon :( its just testin u on basic knoledge butt my problem is i can remember anything from high school not even the basics and i like 2 day dream alot while im studyin haha i need alot of help

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