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December 2009 ATV Photo Contest Vote!

December 2009 ATV Photo Contest Vote!  

85 members have voted

  1. 1. December 2009 ATV Photo Contest Vote!

    • joet82
    • Stoopidbot1
    • Ajmboy
    • robdcol
    • BuckBilly
    • madkaw
    • quadmaniac
    • eldog
    • mojaverider
    • DrtyGrlKristin
    • CK1999_400ex

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December 2009 ATV Photo Contest Vote!

Sponsored By:


Theme: "Best Winter/Holiday Theme With Your ATV" (Photo MUST include your ATV, 3 wheeler, or UTV)

Prize: Motosport $50 Gift Certificate & MOTO 365 ATV Calendar (Buy Here)

ATV-GIFT-CERT.jpg atv_cover-300x207.jpg
























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Hey smuff, you have to check off the circle for the person you want to vote for, then click the vote button...:yes:

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I had to go with B.B. because he was the first one to actually post a pic that complied to the original guidelines. Plus, I really like the double hat.

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Boy....wonder who's guna win????? *sarcasim*

Wow, I did not expect these results. I'm glad some people like my pic...:yes: Although I did not have the heart to vote for myself, I did vote for ajm because I like that snowy pic...winter at it's best.

Thank you to all who voted for me! Much appreciated!

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I had to go with B.B. because he was the first one to actually post a pic that complied to the original guidelines. Plus, I really like the double hat.
Thank you DD!!!!!! I done that on photobucket. Just thought as a Mod I should follow the original rules. Also made a good picture to E-mail the wife for Christmas!!! She got a good laugh.:biggrin:

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      None the less I ordered a new Ignition coil and Magneto/generator coil and am waiting for them to arrive.
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      Is there a grub screw or similar on Cog #2 that fixes it to the center shaft to make it all turn when the starter motor is run? Could there be a part missing? Previous owner had the starter apart so could be possible?
      The outer/front part seems to be on a key-way so not sure how to remove this easily to check how Cog #2 is attached.
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