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Help! 2002 yamaha warrior 350 power bands

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I need someone to help me find some power bands for my 2002 yamaha warrior 350 running on nitro.

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I need someone to help me find some power bans for my 2002 yamaha warrior 350 running on nitro.

Who told you to buy some Power Bands???? What Color are you looking for....????:wink:

What Nitro Kit are you using??? And Why Nitro on a Warrior???

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Who told you to buy some Power Bands???? What Color are you looking for....????:wink:

What Nitro Kit are you using??? And Why Nitro on a Warrior???

Very good questions!:yes:

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Well first of all i would sell your warrior and buy a banshee... they have the biggest bands of them all... and if that isn't fast enough, you can upgrade bands form +4 mil to +20 mil bigger :wink::yes::biggrin:

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Blinker Fluid [bF-01] - $8.99 : KaleCoAuto, Hard to find automotive items!

Lowering Kit [LOW34] - $19.99 : KaleCoAuto, Hard to find automotive items!

Brass Balls - $19.95 : KaleCoAuto, Hard to find automotive items!

Brass Balls


larger image BrassBalls.jpg

larger image$19.95 Shipping Weight: 3 lbs 2 Units in Stock Add to Cart:

Ever wonder where those high performance rally car drivers get their brass balls? For the first time ever, brass balls are being made available to the public! Sold in sets of three, Brass Balls are an easy way to increase your performance driving ability. (For off road race use only. Use on street may result in arrest, serious injury, or death.)

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First off, the power band myth really only applies to two-strokes. The thing is, like MWKE said, the "power band" is the sweet spot in the engines power curve where the engine produces the most power. In the two stroke world this is also referred to as being "on the pipe" Two strokes generally have a very distinct powerband that has a very abrupt and noticeable hit. It occurs in different places with different machines. For instance, I have a CR 500 powered quad that hits very low in the rpm range, it feels like it wants to rip your arms off and pulls strong through the mid-range, but drops off on the top end. A Banshee on the other hand, usually has next to no power on the bottom end, but comes on like a pissed off tornado once you hit the mid-range and it will pull hard through the top end. Since the "power band" is such an important thing when tuning a two-stroke, it is talked about alot and when things are talked about alot, people who don't know what is going on get false ideas in their head and may thing that the "power band" is a physical object that is part of the motor. This, of course, is a myth, and since it is such a wide spread myth, it has become a bit of a running joke to those of us who know that there is no actual "power band" inside any engine. By the way, bands is spelled with a d. Bands not bans. A power ban, would be a restriction on power, which I believe is the opposite of what you are looking for.

But seriously, I will ask MWKE's question again, are you joking here, or are you actually looking for a power band?

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So are y'all saying its a bad idea for a four stroke because before i got my current warrior a dude tried to sell me a warrior wit power bands installed

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So are y'all saying its a bad idea for a four stroke because before i got my current warrior a dude tried to sell me a warrior wit power bands installed

Every motor has a "Power Band" Brotha....Just not as noticeable in a 4 stroke,,,They are Smoother through the Range.....


However,,,,If you really want to buy some " Power Bands " I put a package together just for you....


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Well,,,,We all tried to be straight with you but you seemed to take our 100 yrs of knowledge with a Grain of Salt.....We were all your age once and spoke Smart Ass so we had to dummy down for you to understand....:laugh:

All kidding aside.....Glad you are still around and can take a Beating.....Its a Good Quality to have....Im gonna go out on a limb and say that we all had fun with you but at the same time didnt want you to get ripped off....

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If you really want to get more power out of your Warrior, start looking at things like cam upgrades, have some head work done, big bore or stroker kits, high compression pistons, bigger carb, and exhuast upgrades. Just shop around and find a nice upgrade package that fits your budget. Here is a link to a site that sells parts and does machine work for good prices.

Yamaha Warrior performance kit.

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i think i remember a buddy of mine talking abuot a 496 stroker kit for these, from what i understand they keep up with 450's

and dont feel too bad man, i spent about 2 minutes trying to find the word "gullable" on the side of a cooper cobra tire a long time ago!

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Yrs ago on a planet far far away we had a guy at work that couldn't start a chain saw....We told him to lay down on the Fender of the Chipper, Put the Tip on the Ground and we would Roll Start it by driving down the road a ways.....:laugh:

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Added year, make, and model to thread title. Moved to Yamaha forum.

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