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Do you wear your ring?

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When I ride I use to wear my ring but not anymore for 3 different reasons:

#1 - After 18 years of marriage taking my ring off is no biggie :cute:

#2 - The blister/calloused hand I get from riding really hurts

#3 - I always end up damaging/bending the ring if I ride long enough.


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I usually ride with my wedding set on but did have a bad experience. I had gloves on and I guess when I pulled the glove off, it jerked my $1,000 diamond out of my ring. I of course didn't notice this had happened for a while. So it cost a chucn of change to replace it. So ladies, just be extra careful. Now I usually just don't wear gloves when I ride.

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Guest Mrs_Senator
Hi Ladies,

I am new to the forum and to riding. I just bought a 2002 Honda 400ex and I love it. I went out riding for the first time last Sunday and I can't wait to get back out there on Saturday. My question is do you wear your wedding/engagement rings while riding? I just recently got engaged and I never take my ring off. It fits fine under my glove and I am wondering if anyone else has lost theirs or had a bad experience wearing it while riding.

I never wear mine riding. You only get one chance to lose it but an infinite number of chances to take it off ;)

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I am not married yet (no duh 😂 I'm 15).  If I got married, I wouldnt want anything fancy-  probably just a band...  wouldn't take it off for anything probably simply cause I would forget that it was there lol

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for all we know, you being in the "south" and your profile avatar holding a youngin' ... just saying, you could have a ring already 😬 and nobody'd say a werd

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I can't wear one as an electrician. But I do wear mine all time. Even riding. I only take mine off to shower cause who likes soap in their ring. My wife on the other hand, doesn't wear hers because she is a paramedic.

Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk

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