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bad idea! took my Yamaha Grizzly 700 apart

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I took my grizzly 700 apart for a complete tear down cleaning and repainting of the frame, frames painted and its all ready to go back together but my bolts bin didn't quite work now I kinda don't know where they go and need to know. I have the service manual but it doesn't explain in lamans terms what bolt goes where so can someone help me out?

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What year is your Grizzly? I removed your email from your post. If you want help, you can receive help through this thread, from our members.

What are you stuck on? I don't think you will find a manual to cover each bolt.

* Adjusted thread title to include your atv.

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I'm in the process of doing the smae thing to my 450. I used little zip lock snack baggies and labeled everything that came off. I guess that doesn't help you.

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You may get lucky if you can get access to a parts manual, they will give a picture breakdown of all areas and the bolt part numbers may list the size of the bolts in the discription part af the parts book. You could just match up size for size as per the parts book pictures. Next time, I find it best to zip-lock bag all parts with each item, write the description on each bag, as well, digital pictures are free, so take a pic of everything one step at a time before and after each item is removed, then just assemble in reverse order of your pictures. Fool proof....have fun

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I prefer the memorization method, I have a very photo graphical memory. It comes in handy for times like these! Sorry that probably doesn't help. Check out stadiumyamaha.com they (and many other websites) have online EPC's or Electronic Parts Catalogs' that break down each category and bolts and stuff like that. Where as they don't have specific bolt sizes, they do have diagrams of what goes where. I'm sure you will have some luck with that.

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Check a parts fische for your machine, some of them diagram each bolt and tell you what size it is. What year is your Grizzly?

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