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hey who like the 250r two strokes

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I assume you are talking about the TRX 250R, IMO, the 250R is still one of the best machines ever produced. The handling is excellent, even by todays standards and there is a ton of aftermarket for it. If they offered a new modern version of the TRX 250R, with updated suspension, I would one over any 450 anyday. I would take an updated version of any 2-stroke sport quad, old Quadracers, Tecate 4, or a Banshee, over any 4-stroke sport quad. 2-strokes are cheaper and easier to maintain, modify and repair. No valves to constantly check, no cams, or timing chain to mess with.

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I know I certainly love everything two-stroke. I work on my own stuff so it's much easier. I also just like the power delivery, but I could just be biased.

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i loved my 250 r ... wish they still had them at the dealers ... but thats not going to happen ... have seen alot of them for sale on ebay and craigslist over the past several weeks

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