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Garrett was out playing with 4 or 5 of his buddies yesterday afternoon hunting Frogs...Apparently the other kids were rolling up a large bolder while Garrett was sticking his hand under it to get a Frog...The kids let it slip with Garrett's hand still under it and pretty much Smashed the Shit of it...Had a Hand Surgeon come to the ER last night,,,Broke the tip of his Finger Bone off behind the finger nail(which he no longer has..LOL) and it is just being held on by a little piece of Flesh...I guess there are 3 blood vessels to the tip of fingers...He only has one little one left. They put 1 stitch in it to hold it on, if it looks like he can save it after the swelling goes down he will have to pin the tip back in....If he doesn't think he can save it they will amputate behind the Finger nail....Anyway,,,We have to take him in Daily for the surgeon to look at it...Ill keep you all up to date....





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Thanks Man!!!

Here is what it looked like yesterday.....Doc says it has good color....Looks like the blood is still getting to the tip of it.....So this morning at 6:30 he goes in for surgery...The will bring the broken bone back up and pin it...Then sew everything up as neat as possible....

Garrett has been a trooper this whole time...His spirits are up....Wish us luck!!!!


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Garrett made it though.....Doc says that he put it back together the best he could....Will look almost normal....He also worked on the nail bed...Says he should be able to have a full nail come back in....He wasnt so lucky waking up....He puked and had some bad stomach pains...So they put him back under with phentinal(sp) Which kept him asleep for another Hr. or so...We got him home about Noon....Hes been sleeping most of the day....

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Ouch! That's a tough kid you got there...that looks like it really hurts. My best to him!!!

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Give him our best wishes... no picking the nose!

Something tells me he will be smart enough to use the other hand to pick his nose.

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