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maxxis irazrs vs holshot hds

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for my predator i need 20x11x10 inch tires

i ride mostly trails and some mud but i dont need mudlites lol i have them on my king quad

and i like to hammer tracks ocasion and recently rode in a sand pit that was sick!

but im looking for a great all around tires that will be good in the woods/trails and not clean out my wallet

im thinking the i razrs i read good reviews on them or holshot hds cause all my friends have them and love em

what do you guys think thanks

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I have the Holeshot GNCC's, which are a heavy 6 ply tire like the HD. I love them, they are tough as nails, and hook up like no other. I have run the Razr in the past, and while it was a decent tire, they wore out too fast. I have a set of Razr 2's as well, I like them too, but they don't bite like the GNCC's do.

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i forgot to say i ride in the snow alot

well you guys are all telling me different things haha which is better the gnccs or razr2

i belive i have razr2s at the moment and there shot but do alright for worn tires i suppose

anyone know anything about these irazrs?

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The GNCC has a wider spaced and taller lug than the Razr 2, which would make it better in snow that hasn't been packed down to a hard surface, don't know which would be better on hard packed snow. I don't think the GNCC is available in an 11" wide size, when I ordered mine, they only had 10" wide tires, you can get the Razrs in the 11" width. If you wan't a ton of bite, and ride in alot of slippery, muddy trails, then the GNCC is the way to go IMO, but the Razr 2 may be a better all around tire.

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well after reading lots of good reviews on the i-razrs and being they were cheaper than holeshots i got 2 20x11x10s for 157 shiped from rockymountainatv

ill let you know how they do

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I think the I-Razrs will be a good all around tire, not particularly the best tire for muddy conditions or snow, but I think they will provide decent for all purpose use.

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      The winner will receive one 2013 Kona Kahuna DL, outfitted with a set of Maxxis Ikon tires, and a Maxxis bookbag packed full with a set of Ardents, a set of Crossmarks, a 10-in-1 Bike tool, a USB car charger and more.

      To like the Maxxis Facebook page and enter the sweepstakes, click here. Follow these links to learn more about the KonaKahuna DL and our high-quality Ikon tires. For more great content, fans should also likethe Kona Facebook page.

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      About Maxxis International

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      These tires are on the heavier side. Although I did not notice much of a power difference.

      Mud Performance - In the mud these tires do well but not great. Although, keep in mind they are an all terrain tire and not a mud tire specifically. If you are going to Big Horns from stock tires the Big Horns will spin circles around the stockers in the mud all day long. I have not been able to get myself stuck with them yet during normal trail mud riding.
      They do perform very well in mud, but if you are a 100% mud rider than you may want to look into a more mud oriented tire.
      Woods Trail Performance - This is where I found the Big Horns to be most at home. They grip up like glue on logs and go right over them with no hesitation.
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      Snow Performance - The Big Horns performed flawlessly in the snow. They mostly floated on top as long as you take it easy on the throttle upon taking off. Overall in the snow I was really pleased. I felt confident going higher speeds in icy areas with them. I had good gripping control.

      Sand Performance - Excellent tire in the sand. My stockers used to spin and dig in. They float on top and get you moving!
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