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For the next three months and during this summer, we are doing somethng a bit different with our contests. We've always had a photo contest every month (we are doing one for the ladies separately), but in an effort to raise community participation and interaction, we're going to try something new - QUADCRAZY "MOST COMMENTS" CONTEST!


From June through August, the member with the most comments posted/sent out each month, will win a 3 magazine package, QUADCRAZY cap, and 10 stickers! Includes subscriptions to the magazines shown below. You must have at least 25 comments for that month, to win.

ATV-Magazine.gif atvillustrated.png utvmag.gif

By the end of each month, everyone on the 'MOST COMMENTS" lists below, will receive 3 QUADCRAZY Stickers! The runner up each month (2nd place), will receive their choice of one of the above magazine subscriptions. (Multiple times allowed, receive up to 9 Stickers and 3 magazine subscriptions if you are a runner up in all 3 months!) As with 1st place, you must have at least 25 comments for that month.

* Comments that are not original and considered spam will be removed, bringing your total down. Winning comments will be reviewed and re-calculated if needed, so post wisely!

We are counting comments for the following areas only:

1. Member Profile Page Comments/Guestbook Sections

2. Picture Comments under our Picture Section

3. Video Comments under our Video Section

4. Blog Comments under our Blog Section

Click Here for official Contest Page and current stats. Updates and winners ill be posted in this thread. Good Luck!

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this is a really good idea for a contest. I am guilty of not being so active on here lately. this contest has me looking forward to getting on the site and seeing what is going on again.

Good to hear, and glad you like the idea! :biggrin: We wanted to come up with a fun way to get people to interact with each other a bit more than only in the forums. When someone posts a comment, the other person will receive a comment notification email, telling them that they have a new comment waiting for them. Then we hope that will spur other comments...etc.

We also want to showcase some of the other sections of QUADCRAZY at the same time. Why not have some fun and hopefully stimulate some activity in the community.

Foolio is in the lead for June already with 69 comment! Way to go!

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I find that there are 2 realy easy way to posts comments and figured I would share what I do. Please share what you do also...ideas, etc.

1. Photo Gallery...comment, then hit next image link under the link. Take this image for example: 2010 Picture » QUADCRAZY ATV Community once the comment places, just hit the next image.

2. Go to the Birthday page and say Happy Birthday to people: Upcoming Birthdays » QUADCRAZY ATV Community Click on their profiles and comment on their pages, then just copy and paste the birthday link in the browser to go back to that main page and go to the next member. Or from the home page at the bottom.

Some people may think it's a pain in the ass..but it's freakin easy and actually fun, because some people reply back to you...:huh:

I figured there would be much more participants. Maybe now in July, there will be some sleepers!!!

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