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2003 Kawasaki Bayou 250 stator removal?

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How to take off the generator to get to the fly wheel,I know I need a special tool,where can I buy the tool,thanks,are if anyone know how to get it off please tell me how!

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Are you saying you don't know how to remove the stator? Isn't it bolted in? I know you will need a special flywheel bolt to remove the flywheel if you are doing that..I believe.


* Added issue to your thread title.

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The best thing you can do is get a repair manual.

If there aren't any obvious bolts holding the stator in place, the stator may be threaded in the center to screw onto the flywheel. If this is the case, you may need a special wrench that fits in the holes in the front of the flywheel. There may also be a bearing that goes in the center hole of the stator and rides on the protrusion of the flywheel. Maybe with some sort of mount on the backs side of the stator. If that is the case, you my try removing the stator and flywheel together using the flywheel puller. Then rotate the flywheel, looking throught the hole(s) in the back for a bolt that holds the stator on. There are probably two or three separate tools you need to get all can be obtained from any parts dealer, local or online. I often make my own specialty tools.

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@DirtDemon I am having a similar issue with my 99 Big Bear 350 2wd my stator has three bolts on the inside of the case Phillips head three screws on the outside star bit also has the bearing on the inside of the cover in the middle of the stator I just need to be able to remove the stator so I can replace the source coil still waiting on my service manual to show up  I have attached a picture of my stator


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The three screws (Phillips) are the ones holding that coil in place. Nothing else.  You may need an impact driver to listen them up or good size long screw driver that fits them screw heads perfectly. That should’ve been the only times holding that coil in place. 

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