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Guest woodsman1st

1998 Suzuki LT-F500F MV ATV Front Axle removal help needed badly.

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Guest woodsman1st

I bought this 98 Suzuki knowing that the front differential was bad, and the rear one might be. But I am on Social Security without much money, I am disabled, can't hardly walk, and the only way I can keep on hunting and fishing is if I get this running; this is what I can afford.

I followed the instructions in my Clymer repair manual; so far everything is dismantled and the right front axle is out; it came out just like the book said it would with a "light tap". But I can't get the left front axle out no matter what I do. It is supposed to come out as easy as the right one, with just a light tap or two; but I have tapped and banged as hard as I dare to without breaking something; I just cant get that left front axle out; what am I doing wrong?

Is there some kind of circlip, or retainer, on the left axle inside the differential that holds it in? I cannot find anything in the Clymer manual that says there is; but that axle just will not budge; and as I said a little tap isnt doing it; and I am afraid to bang on it any harder. I can't affor to take it to a shop; not only that but the front end is all apart and I couldnt get it into my pickup bed even if I wanted to now.

So will somebody please help me and tell me what I am doing wrong; I really need to get this running so I can keep on fishing and hunting.



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yes there is a circlip holding the cv into the cup...the outer cv joint comes off the axle by holding the axle in a vise and tapping the race. the inboard half will only come out if you pull the cv boot back, wipe the grase out and get a small screwdriver, find the clip which if i remember correctly just looks like a large hoop earing thing and is set back in the cup about a quarter inch...

check out this page here, lots of great info, i got my half shafts for my lt500 4x4 from them, theyre awesome, dealer wanted 400 for a new axle, i got 2 outer cv joints, heavy duty with heavy duty boots and cv grease for 80 bucks each !!!

CV Restoration LLC. Selling high quality parts, at wholesale prices!

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Guest woodsman1st

Thank you very much superswire; I have been going nuts trying to figure this out. I have doube and triple checked my Clymer manual and no reference is made to a circlip. I am going to save your email in my Suzuki folder; because when I clicked on your link for more info, it said the page didn't exist. Any chance of your double checking that link for me?

It is 8:00 in the morning here in Idaho; I will be out working on it again within the hour thanks to you.

Best Regards


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sometimes they are siezed in. especially if it was full of water and had time to rust. sometimes you can run a prybar through the bar and pop it out with a little extra presuasion.

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