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2008 Polaris Outlaw 525S wont start no spark

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i was creek riding and my quad died tried to start it back and it would just turn over. so i checked the airbox for water and there was none it was dry, i let it sit for 15mins and it finally started. i rode for about 2hrs then went home. went to start it a week after riding and it would just turn over and wouldnt fire replaced spark plug as dealer suggested and still wont start. i pulled plug out checked it plugged in to the coil n touchin the head no spark. when it s in neutral the neutral light also wont work but if u put it in gear it does until u pull the clutch lever in. i need help the dealer said maybe the stator went bad but another person told me it wouldnt have anything to do with the ignition?? help please

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It sounds electrical I would check wiring and make sure all connections are good.

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So did you say that if you put it in gear, the neutral light comes on but goes out when you pull the clutch in? I don't fully understand what you mean about the neutral light, but from what I gather, you may want to look into a possible neutral safety switch issue. There is a gear position sensor on the side of the engine case not too far from the shifter. The reverse cable bracket is bolted on right over it. Check the wiring and connections coming from that sensor. If the neutral light is coming on when you shift out of neutral, then you may want to take the sensor switch out and make sure the pins are in tact. Otherwise, check any and all electrical connections, wires, grounds and such. You may want to use a multimeter to trace power from the battery throught the ignition system to see if voltage is lost somewhere. You may also want to try some direct resistance tests on your ignition components.

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took the quad to the dealer they said they run diagnostics on it and the gear position sensor was bad and the cdi box changed both of them and installed new battery charged it fully went to start it and it wouldnt start. pulled the new plug out that i got from the dealer regapped it to factory specs drained the fuel system put new fuel in quad started ran for 2mins and then died pulled plug out again hooked coil wire to it and touched the head turned engine over w starter button plug sparked for a few sec then stopped ???

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Possibly the pulsar coil or maybe just a bad connection somewhere. Electrical problems like this are a nightmare, good luck.

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I agree with dirtdemon electrical problems are a nightmare especially when water is involved. it could be something as simple as some stray mud or water grounding the system out somewhere. Its a long process but you need to check everything in ignition system with multimeter like dirtdemon said. good luck, may the force be with you.

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after 478$ worth of parts that the dealer said i needed and still nothing i took it to another shop and it ended up bein the fuse breaker which is $35 so i have parts n labor frm the dealer and it wasnt what they said if u live in central illinois dont take ur quad to Slaight s in canton il

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      I purchased a battery to try this all out.  Waiting to return it and get the proper size, as it was too big for the battery box.  But here is my issue I had while the battery was connected.

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      2 - The starter solenoid seems to be bad.  I have a new one on order. 

      3 - In the pick, there is another rusted part.  Not sure what that part is or what it is used for.

      4 - What is the 12v rectifier?  square bodied part.

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