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2006 Yamaha Bruin 350 - Starts, idles, dies, won't restart

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THis is actually a Bruin 350, I fat fingered the thread title.

This Bruin has been in storage for 1 year, with no stabil used and I'm attempting to bring this beast back to life.

The only way I've been able to to start this thing is:

1. Leave fuel cock open overnite

2. Adjust choke to mid-choke

3. Press Start

4. Idles for 3-4 minutes on a really LABORED idle (not smooth idle, but sounds like puttering on its deathbead)

However once I get it started, it seems to have a terribly labored idle for about 3-4 minutes, then dies. If you touch the trottle during idle warmup, it dies.

Once it's dead, there is no getting it started again until the next day.

I've done the following:

1. Visually inspected and cleaned sparkplug - verified spacing @ .025"

2. Drained old fuel and refueled with premium unleaded

3. Checked fuel flow from fuel cock to carb - smooth flow

4. Checked fuel flow from carb to carb fuel drain - smooth flow

5. Compression appears to be ok, however I do not have a tester, but placing my hand behind exhaust yields good pressure.

I have Fuel, Spark and temp fire, what should I check next? Any moving parts in the carb that have a tendancy to get stuck? Perhaps the stator?

Edited by bruinrider
Fat Fingered cc, 350 not 250cc

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Airfilter is clean

I have not cleaned the carb (any particular product to use to clean?)

Yes, using premium 92 Octane w/ ethanol.

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To clean the carb you will need to remove it. Take it apart and use a torch tip cleaner and carb/choke cleaner. Make sure EVERY nook and cranny of that thing is spotless. I have seen some people have problems with ethanol gas... a very big "could" but it could be that gas.

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I was able to resolve problem last nite. 2 days ago, I dumped 1/2 bottle of STP injector cleaner in the gas and left the fuel cock open, last nite I was finally able to get it to crank after 30 minutes of idle and die. I adjusted the idle control screw back and forth until I was able to keep it running at full choke. Once I had it idling smooth in full choke, I closed choke and throttled heavily blowing all the sentiment crap from the carb out. I let it idle for 30 minutes and then rode it at full speed for over an hour. I was able to then turn off and start at will, just like it was new.

I got up this morning and the machine easily started again.

Thanks for all the help!

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If you have a 5 gallon can, here's what I do: fill the can with 4 gallons of pump gas and 1 gallon of race FUEL. Since it isn't gasoline, it works just like fuel injector cleaner. It works great!

If you need to store it again, just close the petcock and drain the fuel out of the carb. It should be ready to go for next time.

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