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2006 Polaris Outlaw 500 - Groud wire ?'s

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I just purchased a 2006 Outlaw 500 and found a loose ground wire. I need help to find out where this wire should be attached.

The main ground wire goes from the negative battery terminal to the chassis directly above the battery. The ground wire I need help with attaches to the same spot on the chassis above the battery however; the opposite end of the ground wire is loose.

Can any of you Outlaw 500 owners tell me where this ground wire should go? A picture would help tremendously!!!

I have searched for wiring diagrams and repair manuals but all of those free downloads are shut down due to copyright issues.

Thanks for your help.


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Are you having any problems with anything electrical? If something is acting up, that might be an indication of where the wire needs to go. There are a couple of other Outlaw owners here, hopefully one of them will see this thread and have some help for you. Good luck.

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I haven't noticed it affecting anything yet. Only ridden it once for 5 minutes and everything seems to work. Just concerned about a loose ground wire. It is a thick ground cable so it must be intended for something.

If any of you Outlaw 500 owners get a chance and have the front plastics off your quad, please look at this cable and tell me where it is suppose to be ground to. The one I'm speaking of is attached to the frame just above the battery. There are two black cables that attach to the same location. One of them leads to the negative side of the battery and the other is loose on my quad. Where does the second cable attach to on your quad.

Thanks for any input,


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