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1995 scrambler 4x4 issues

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I have a 1995 scrambler and when i ride it for awhile it will start to smoke like crazy. This is what i have checked. The gas had some water in it when i drained it put new gas in it ran great for a while then i got on it pretty good and it looked like a cloud of smoke coming out anyone have i idea what my problem is?

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If it is black smoke it is getting to much fuel. If it is blue smoke it is burning to much oil. if it is blue then you might want to check the oil injection system. The oil injection system my need set and cleaned. If it were valves you would have problems right from start up and it would run like crap. I would suspect that it is getting to much oil.

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There are no valves, it is a two stroke. Check the air cleaner, make sure it is clean. A dirty air cleaner will cause a rich condition. You could also have a problem with oil getting into the crankcase. That is usually either a bad crank seal or a leak between the case halves that lets the oil into the crankcase from the counterballancer chamber. Another possibility is that the oil injection system is putting too much oil into the fuel. Are you mixing your fuel too, unless you have an oil injection block off, there is no need to mix the fuel in that thing, just make sure there is 2-stroke oil in the tank. Another problem could be your head gasket or a cracked cylinder or head that is leaking coolant into the combustion chamber. You need to figure out what is causing the smoke, like Gearhead said, black smoke usually indicates a lean condition, blue smoke is usually burning oil, and white smoke usually means you are burning water or coolant. Antifreeze also has a kind of sweet odor when it is burning.

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But the only time it really smokes alot is when i am getting on it pretty good. Does not smoke bad at slower speeds. I have also checked the coolant and it is full so don't think it is the coolant.

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Agreed, the first thing we need to know is what is causing the smoke. Is the smoke black, blue or white? Did you read my last post? Did you check any of the simple things like the air cleaner? What about the fuel? Are you mixing your gas? If so, you are going to get too much 2-stroke oil in the fuel because it is oil injected. I suggest these things so you can either confirm that they could be a problem or rule them out so we can get some info on what is going on.

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