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1994 Polaris 400 loosing power after riding a bit ?

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:confused:i'v a 94 400 pols. that is giving me some fits--

1. starts on choke just fine-after a few secd. off choke and idles fine

2. goes into gear just fine,and throttles up just fine

3. after running --maybe five mn. or so--starts to bog down

4. at this point you can feel a lot of heat comming off motor

5. i'v only heard the fan come on once since i'v owned it,and at this time the red lite came on also

6. this atv only has 800 miles on it, and to my knowledge has never been beat up

7. if you let up on throttle it starts to run better,but soon bogs down again--i hair above idle will get you back home,and thats it-

** i'v gone through carb,and pulled fuel line to make sure it's getting plenty of fuel-

** changed plug

** checked raid. for coolent , and it's on top

any help is appreciated , thanks , steven

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It seems to me that you are sucking air somewhere. It will cause a loss of power and make the motor run hot. I would be most suspect of the crank seals, the bearings could be going too. Check for air leaks by spraing carb cleaner or something around the motor and see if it affects the idle, if you hear any changes, you are getting air in that area. Check around the crank shaft seals, all around the cylinder and intake. You may also want to check for a faulty choke plunger.

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i had the same quad as you a few years ago. i found the carb vibrating caused my carb to intake boot t get a hair line crack. you could check that.

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if you can feel alot of heat and only had your fan cut in when the light is on you could also need a voltage regulator. polaris machines are known for speedo pod quiting and voltage regulators quiting. it could be that your engine is getting to hot and vaporizing your fuel in your carb. my brother inlaws 660 grizzly does that. and as soon as he let it cool down it would work just fine. i would also check that as well.

your friendly neighbourhood mechanic

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