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4X4 Chains and Sprockets 97 Sportsman

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Hi, Has anyone changed the chain and sprockets on an older Polaris that uses Chains to drive the front axle? I bought all of this in a kit which included the rear chain and sprockets and I have those replaced. It looks like the right front axle may have to come out to replace the sprocket? Just wanting to know what I am getting into before I start taking it apart. Any time estimates or tips would be appreciated.

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Tip #1, get a repair manual, they are priceless and will have good instructions to help you with this and many other repairs or mods that you may need to make down the road. I have never worked on any Polaris quad, but it does make sense that you would have to take one of the half shafts off, or at least part way off so you can get the chain off the machine. I can't find a decent parts diagram for that machine, so I can't even venture a guess as to how it is done, or how long it might take. There are a couple Polaris guys on the site, hopefully one of them may be able to help you.

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You may have to invest in a chain breaker tool and a master link, I've done it before. Just always carry a spare master link with you once you break the chain, but it could save you HOURS of work!

I definitely agree that you should own a repair manual as part of your library.

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There is a band that fits around the front hub. There is a bolt if you look up from the bottom side about an inch or two up that you have to get to through a hole in the bottom. If you loosen that then put a screw driver or small punch through the front sprocket and rotate everything forward it will tighten the chain. No big deal when you know where to look. I agree completely with manuals, they can be priceless and for my own stuff I always buy them. Howerver this quad is a familiy members I got lucky enough to work on for free so I'll be darned if I'm buying the manual to fix that! Hope this helps someone esle sometime.

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