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hey i got a ltz 400 and we just took it apart and we looked at the piston and everything it was all good and the rings were a little dirty so we cleaned them and put them back together but there was some marks on the piston where valves hit it. could a bent valve mess up ur compression ?

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Yes, definately, it your vavles aren't seating properly, compression will pass by. One way to check your head and vavles for leaks, is to pour water into the intake and exhuast ports and see if the liquid leaks past the vavles, and how quickly if it does. If your vavles are adjusted too tight, it will cause the same problem. However, even if you are losing compression past the valve, the piston/rings or cylinder bore could also be contributing to the low compression. Just because the piston and rings look ok, doesn't mean that they are. You should measure the cylinder bore with a micrometer to check for wear and to make sure it is still round. The piston itself should be measured for the same things. IMO, even if the piston and cylinder don't show excessive wear, the rings should be replaced anyway if the motor is more than a few years old. Also if your vavle have hit the piston, the structural integrity of the piston could be comprimised and should probably just be replaced. If it breaks while the motor is running, the damage could be pretty bad.

We will always be happy to try and answer any questions you have, but I still strongly believe that you should have a service manual at your side when you do this type of work to the motor. I may just be beating a dead horse here, but I think you would find alot of helpful info in there. Either way, good luck, and I hope you can get your quad up and running soon. I know how much it sucks to have a machine out of commission. BTW, I edited your post, please try not to use inappropriate language in the general forums. I know alot of other sites don't have much in the way of language rules, but we try to keep this one as PG as possible. There is a forum here dedicated to more "adult" themed discussion, you can basically say what you want in there. I have also merged your "compression problem" thread into this one, please try to keep things consolidated into one thread unless the subject matter is completely different. Not only does this help cut down on clutter in the forum, but you will get better input, if everyone can see all of the responses to the same question in one thread as opposed to posting the same question in two or more threads. Once again, good luch getting your quad fixed.

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Messed up when merging your threads, accidentally moved everything into the timing chain thread. I only meant to merge the two that both pertained to your compression/vavle problem. Made this new thread and left your timing chain thread by itself, since it is of a different subject matter. Sorry for the confusion.

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    • By Chayse Hill
      I have a 2003 LTZ 400 that i bought a few days ago. The quad was running fine until last night. I let my brother ride it down the street and back and i didnt notice anything etong with bike. Then my neighbors friend came over and said "can i ride it?" I said "sure" so he ripped it down the road all fine and when he got back it died right in front of us. My brother said it was dieing on him also. He also said that he wasnt using the clutch to shift. I told him he was an idiot. Im throwing that in there incase that caused a problem as well. But today i go to check it to make sure its getting fuel which it is and replaced the spark plug incase it wasnt getting spark but it is. So i started it and it was having a problem starting then i got started and was reving at idle high. So i took it around the block and it died on me a little bit down, so i try to restart it and it started so i kicked it into 1st and it kinda launched on me and started going with the clutch all the way in. Then it died right after and wasnt running right during that process and was idleing all over the place and just died and now i cant get it started it again. Before it would start without the choke or priming it. It would start real quick now i cant figure if it needs to be rejetted or something else. Air filter looks clean also. But any help would be gratelly appreciated!
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      I need to know what I have and what tire really go on it, Mine has 24x11x10 on the back and 22x8x10 on the front and I need new tire but I don't think are the right size. Also I can't find the model number listed but it looks like a 250 quadrunner 2wd and I think it is a 1987 maybe, can anyone help me, also I it has a rich running sound and I put a carb diap in it and cleaned the carb. is there a jet needing replaced?
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      looking for direct shift shifting lever that properly fits my 2003 Yamaha warrior 350 and fits my foot the same as a stock 2003 Yamaha warrior 350 shifting lever fits my foot
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      Any ideas on what would make a coil not fire? She was running fine, then began slow start. Now wont start at all.
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      I have a 94 sportsman 400. It sat for several years before i got it. I have cleaned the carb it will start and run for about 5 min then it will flood. I have torn it down and cant see anything wrong. has anyone else ran into this problem any hel would be great.
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    • By RatpigHoosier
      Hey, guys I’m at a complete loss now. When I bought this thing a week ago the guy (who I know) said it needed a new front diff, which he provided with the bike. I took the whole thing apart, replaced the diff, checked the splines on the axles and on the drive rod on both ends. The pinion gear splines all look good too. I put it all back together, including new wheel bearings on one side. Got her up on jacks, started her up, hit the 4WD button, heard the actuator engage, put her in gear and……Mike Ditka. 
      The old diff I took out sounded like a bucket of nuts and bolts when I turned the input. The new diff sounds nice and smooth and the outputs turn nicely when I spin the input. The only thing I can think is that something is wrong with the actuator, but it sure sounds good when I hit the button. 
      Does anyone have experience with this?  What am I missing?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
    • By RatpigHoosier
      The Kodiak 400 I just bought didn’t come with an air filter. I’m searching and am not finding an air filter that will work. I’ve checked Amazon, Bike Bandit, etc., but everything I am seeing is for a Big Bear 400 and reviews are saying it won’t fit a Kodiak 400. The bigger issue I am running into is that the ones I see all have what appears to be a female end for connecting with a clamp to a male inlet. The inlet in my air box is female. Now I know I ain’t no expert on ATV reproduction and procreation, but that just don’t work!
      Can somebody please hook me up with a part number or suitable aftermarket filter?  I really didn’t expect this search to be so difficult…..
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      Hey everyone! Just introducing myself and hoping I can get some insight on where to start. I have an older quad, my guess is about an 07. I know it’s a 700 but I’m having some stalling issues with it after it runs for about ten minutes it will die out. It will start right back up and run but after a minute or two it will die again. Any suggestions on where to start checking things?
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      I purchased a 1994 Kawasaki Bayou 400 4x4 which was running fine when I had all of the plastics off and now that I have put all the plastics back on the machine I am getting some strange symptoms. With the ignition on (neutral light on) and  having the kill switch in the RUN position now have no crank, no spark. But when I put the kill switch in the STOP (or off) position the electric motor crank, but still I am getting no spark. Is it normal for the ATV electric motor to work in the off position and not in the RUN position? It wasn't doing this before. I have replaced the spark plug and the ignition coil so far.  I am wondering if something is getting shorted after I put the plastics back on? Any ideas? If it is a short any ideas how can I track it down?
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