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    • By QuadConfussion
      Hey everyone! Just introducing myself and hoping I can get some insight on where to start. I have an older quad, my guess is about an 07. I know it’s a 700 but I’m having some stalling issues with it after it runs for about ten minutes it will die out. It will start right back up and run but after a minute or two it will die again. Any suggestions on where to start checking things?
    • By Frank Angerano
      What's up everyone? Hope all are well, I've missed a lot i see..... Anyway i threw the towel in today and took tomorrow off so i could go play today.  Yes one of the hottest days but screw it, so i wound up throwing the bikes on the trailer and shot up to Lost Trails in PA with my oldest boy.    Great day, we actually sank the bikes today as the mud pits were insanely deep. We had to stand on one foot peg going through the deep shit to get the tires to grip.  
      All the videos you all see watching riders move from one side of the bike or the other or leaning forward or backwards in a mud pit or creek????? It works!!!!!!!! Bikes were fine tg but we pushed the limits with them   
      We really mudded the shit out of that place and went as hard as we could and it was a blast. It was a good day trip and worth the drive. A lot of people were out there riding, i was shocked.  I would have posted pics but i threw the phones in the truck and took off.  I was happy to be away from the phones with work and gone for the day. Definitely need to do this again maybe an overnight trip but to a new spot.  My oldest scares the shit out of me watching him ride! 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 so I'm looking for a more flat place to ride since he has no fear.   
      Ok well i will be a little spotty with activity but will definitely be on the forum.  
      Good to be back.  
    • By mikeexplorer
      Here is a link where you can download a PDF copy of the service manual for most Arctic Cat ATV's Some of the files are large since it is the complete service manuals. Enjoy!
      K&T Parts House Lawn Mower Parts and Chain Saw & Trimmer Parts
    • By marek porowski
      Hi, I got a check engine light and a diagnostic code 520194 2 and i know it has something to do with throttle voltage out of range
      I'd like to know if thats something that can be adjusted ? Or does anybody know what should i test  ?  I just bought this atv and I'm fixing it as its been in an accident. 
      I also changed throttle leaver as original one was broken and I noticed inside the 4x4 selector assembly there are 2 contacts but I'm not sure if they're suppose to make contact at idle. I found some info online but some are saying they're suppose to touch and some say they're not. I think id depends of the year of the machine but I'm not sure. I'd really appreciate any help that i can get with this
    • By Canadian Quadders
      Just wanted to show my latest review video. Check out my channel if it interests you!
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