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Good evening friends!

Decided to step it into a new direction this week. Instead of a tip of the week, we'd like to know the answer to a simple (potentially) question.

Why do you ride or wheel? Lets hear it. Where did you start? Who hooked you? Etc, etc.

Dad bought me a dirt bike when I was 8 or 9 (old BSA with nobbies on it ) and went from there I ride because it is a good way to relieve Stress ( 4 grown boys and a crazy wife of 31 years ) I need to get away !!!!!!

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I ride because I love it like a crack head loves crack. Got my first quad when I was 11 or 12, it was an '85 LT-125 Quadrunner, it sucked. My dad had an LT-230s Quadsport, I rode the heck out of that and later inherited it when he stepped up to the LT-250 Quadracer. A few years later I wanted a two stroke like my dad's so he got me a '92 Yamaha Blaster, being the spoiled brat I was, I was disappointed, I wanted one like his. Although, I still believe to this day that the Yamaha Blaster is one of the best quads ever made, I just had a serious power craze at a young age. I now have an '07 LT-R 450 that has some goodies on it. When I really want a kick in the pants, I have an old '86 TRX 250R with a CR 500 motor in it. It is fun to see the expression on peoples faces when a 25 year old quad goes screaming past their brand new $8000 450s and Raptor 700s.

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Nice answers so far!

Sounds like a few of you started as a family activity... I assume you've worked to pass that passion on to your kids?

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Nice answers so far!

Sounds like a few of you started as a family activity... I assume you've worked to pass that passion on to your kids?

We did when the kids were younger !! But Video games took over !:confused:We still get out but not as much as we used to !!

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Good evening friends!

Decided to step it into a new direction this week. Instead of a tip of the week, we'd like to know the answer to a simple (potentially) question.

Why do you ride or wheel? Lets hear it. Where did you start? Who hooked you? Etc, etc.

its a cheaper hobby then getting plowed on the weekends:laugh:. Plus I can actually have clear memories instead of blurry ones and I'm not waking up to what I thought was a 9 instead its a 2:huh::laugh:

Edited by Jonny450R

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I got started in 2007, my brother had a quad since 2003 but I had to wait until money allowed.

I just like being outside riding trails and enjoying the scenery. Always have a camera with me. Now I got my girl a machine, its something we do together now.


Good evening friends!

Decided to step it into a new direction this week. Instead of a tip of the week, we'd like to know the answer to a simple (potentially) question.

Why do you ride or wheel? Lets hear it. Where did you start? Who hooked you? Etc, etc.

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Good afternoon everyone! Just wanted to toss out a quick hello to let you know what Tread Lightly! has been up to recently, and where we're headed...

Past Events:

Phoenix International Sportsmens Expo - Phoenix, AZ

Salt Lake City International Sportsmens Expo - Salt Lake City, UT

Scouting University - Greenville, NC

Upcoming Events:

Denver St. Patricks Day Parade (Guest appearance by LightFoot, with Stay The Trail) - March 17 in Denver, CO

National OHV Safety and Education Conference - March 26 and 27 in Sacramento, CA

Easter Jeep Safari - April 4 to 8 in Moab, UT

Stewardship Day @ The Capital - April 19 in Denver, CO

Scout-O-Rama - May 5 in Salt Lake City, UT

Overland Expo - May 18 to 20 in Flagstaff, AZ

We are scheduling Tread Trainer and Master Trainer courses coming up, so if your organization, club, business, school, or agency is interested in hosting a course, please visit our Tread Trainer page: Tread Lightly - Tread Trainer

Stewardship Grants application deadline has been extended back to April 1, so if your member club is interested in some money for projects, please visit the page here for details: Tread Lightly - Stewardship Grants

We've also recently added a $60 dollar, three year option for our members, and with over 90% of your donation going directly towards our education, outreach, and stewardship programs your contributions are being put to good use!

Tread Lightly! leads a national effort to protect recreation access by promoting ethics education and stewardship programs nationwide.

Get involved, and Do your part to support responsible enjoyment of America's lands and waterways.

And in case spring comes in like a lion and keeps you off the trail, entertain and educate yourself for an hour or so by taking our online awareness course!


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Well... if it just hasn't been a busy couple of months.

Where have we been?

Denver St. Patricks Day Parade (Guest appearance by LightFoot, with Stay The Trail) - March 17 in Denver, Colorado

National OHV Safety and Education Conference - March 26 and 27 in Sacramento, California

Easter Jeep Safari - April 4 to 8 in Moab, Utah

Stewardship Day @ The Capital - April 19 in Denver, Colorado

Scout-O-Rama - May 5 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Overland Expo - May 18 to 20 in Flagstaff, Arizona

Master Tread Trainer Course - May 26 in Portland, Oregon

Colorado State Parks Seasonal Training - May 30 at Sylvan Lake State Park, Colorado

Grand Mesa Jeep Club Show - June 2 in Grand Junction, Colorado

Colorado State Parks Seasonal Training - June 6 at Mueller State Park, Colorado

National Get Outdoors Day - June 9 in Salt Lake City, Utah

National Get Outdoors Day - June 9 in Denver, CO (Celebrating our mascot's 10th birthday!)

And on the heels of that, where are we going?

Master Tread Trainer Course for Stay The Trail - June 18th in Denver, Colorado

Sun Valley Adaptive Sports / Higher Ground Week - July 2 to July 6 in Sun Valley, Idaho area

FJ Summit (Including stewardship trail run day!) - July 18 to July 21 in Ouray, Colorado

Master Tread Trainer Course - August 28 to August 29 at Camp Sol R Crown in Wilmot, Wisconsin

National Order of the Arrow Conference (Boy Scouts of America) - August 1 to August 4 in East Lansing, Michigan

Master Tread Trainer Course (NOHVCC Conference) - August 21 in Great Falls, Montana

NOHVCC Conference - August 21 to August 25 in Great Falls, Montana

That sort of covers it... Please pay attention to our Tread Trainer Course listings for additional courses if you're interested in helping us promote the Tread Lightly! message throughout your area.

Tread Lightly! has also instituted a blog to give weekly updates on our goings-on. Have a look! treadlightlyoutdoors


Jason, Lori, and Justin with the mobile billboards sponsored by Drive Off-Road in Moab during EJS


Justin doing a workshop with seasonal employees from Colorado State Parks


Lightfoot with Woodsy and Smokey, at National Get Outdoors Day in Denver


Hanging out with Del from BRC and Matt from Stay The Trail Ambassadors, at the Grand Mesa Jeep Club Show

In addition to the stewardship grants program ( Tread Lightly - Stewardship Grants ), we are also about ready to start round 2 of our interpretive panel program. Over 2000 of these panels were placed last year on public lands throughout the country, promoting responsible use under our Ride On (motorized) and Respected Access (recreational shooting) campaigns. We are looking to place at least that number out again this year, so keep your eyes peeled.

Interpretive Panels Program | Respected Access is Open Access

We have some really big things coming down the trail at Tread Lightly!. Our memberships are up, our exposure is increasing through numerous outlets and partnerships, and we've had a huge response for donations for our annual eBay charity auction coming up later this year. We would like to say THANK YOU to all of our supporters, members, member clubs, and partners. Without your help, this wouldn't be possible.

Please consider joining Tread Lightly! and helping us continue to proactively maintain responsible access through ethics and stewardship. The list of benefits is long, but most importantly, you're helping to protect America's public lands and waterways for continued future use.


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Good morning everyone, and welcome to August!

We've been busy, yet again... What's that? You'd like a quick run-down? Absolutely... Here goes:

Where we've been-

Master Trainer Course (hosted by Stay The Trail Colorado) - June 18 in Denver, CO

Awareness Workshop for Cheyenne Mountain State Park - June 28 in Colorado Springs, CO

Tread Trainer Course (hosted by Sun Valley Adaptive Sports) - July 2 in Sun Valley, ID

Mountain Bike Nationals at Sun Valley - July 4-6 in Sun Valley, ID

FJ Summit - July 19-21 in Ouray, CO

Master Trainer Course at Camp Sol R Crown (hosted by the Boy Scouts of America) - July 28 and 29 in Wilmot, WI

National Order of the Arrow Conference - July 31 to August 4 in East Lansing, MI

Where are we headed?

Bass Pro Shops Land and Wildlife Expo - August 10-11 in Nashville, TN (Tread Trainers staffing)

CAST for Kids - August 11 at Strawberry Res, UT

NOHVCC Conference - August 21-25 in Great Falls, MT

Tread Trainer Course (hosted by Northeast Ohio 4x4) - September 31 in Windham, OH

Master Trainer Course (hosted by Rausch Creek Off-Road Park) - October 6-7 in Tremont, PA

BSA Outdoor Ethics Conference - October 24-27 in Hot Springs, AR

SEMA - October 30 to November 2 in Las Vegas, NV

Master Trainer Course (hosted by Uwharrie Off Road Training Center) - November 16-17 in Uwharrie, NC

If you are interested in participating or hosting a Master Trainer or Tread Trainer course in your area, please check the website. We will be getting the 2013 schedule running soon - Tread Lightly - Tread Trainer

Our educational posters program is up and running, including making these posters available for purchase by land managers and partner organizations. These can be fully customized to address the needs of the area. For more information on this program - Tread Lightly - Respected Access Educational Posters


A few pics for you all:


Jason covering learning styles with a Master Trainer course in Sun Valley, ID


Our new Master Trainers with the Boy Scouts


Justin teaching awareness courses at the National Order of the Arrow Conference in East Lansing, MI


Our Stewardship run group at FJ Summit in Ouray, CO

And because they're fun... A friendly "tip of the day"

Under the principle of "Do Your Part", as we move into the later days of Summer, there is still plenty of time to be involved outdoors. Keep your eye out for stewardship opportunities in your area and lend a hand. Taking even a tiny bit of time out of your day to pick up trash or fix a trail issue helps to promote the positive side of our community. A recent blog post from our Education and Stewardship Programs Manager going into a little more detail on the topic - Because Sometimes, It’s the Little Things… | treadlightlyoutdoors

Happy trails...!

Edited by TreadLightly

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Good morning all!

We hope that you've all been having a great trail season, and especially hope that everyone got a chance to see the fantastic changing of the colors going on throughout the country.

As the season winds down, and gear and your trail machine are getting stowed for the season, we'd like to encourage everyone to take that few extra minutes during the pre-storage maintenance to put in a little cleaning time. As with our riding season recommendation of cleaning your bike/quad/4x4 to help stop the spread of invasive species, the pre-storage cleaning provides a perfect time to take a fine-toothed brush to it and really clean out those wheel-wells, skid plates and undercarriage, floorboards, and the like to get rid of any unwanted hitchhikers. As our mothers always told us... "Your room will be easier to clean if you just KEEP it clean". Well thanks Mom, we get it now. Keeping our trail vehicles clean after our adventures makes it easier to clean up next time, and helps us all by keeping native plants where they belong.

And for the family haulers, tow-rigs and 4x4's, here's a great solution to containing the dirt, grass, and anything else your shoes may pick up on the trail once you've gotten that rig all spotless... New floormats! And since you're getting new floormats... Maybe some that say "Tread Lightly!" like these from our proud partners at Drive OffRoad.com???

So. Once that snow falls, and the trail rig goes to sleep for the winter (unless you're like us and don't mind a little snow-bashing here and there) please consider taking that extra step. Your gear will thank you, and so will we. Have a great upcoming weekend everyone!

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Some good points. Even though the quads do not go away for the winter there is no harm in giving them a little TLC now and then.

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Happy Sunday everyone!

Just wanted to pass on a little update with a couple big items...

First, as you've all probably seen with prior posts, we have been steadily increasing our involvement with the Boy Scouts of America and their Outdoor Ethics programming since we signed our agreement with them in 2010. Complimenting the human-powered backcountry ethics provided by Leave No Trace, Tread Lightly! has been asked to directly provide responsible use training and education concerning the mechanized, motorized, and shooting programs within the BSA. Over the last week, we attended the Outdoor Ethics Conference in Arkansas, providing a Tread Trainer course specifically tailored to those programs for over 60 council educators from across the country, as well as other coursework and sitting on an ethics panel in cooperation with LNT. This is sparking a huge opportunity for Tread Lightly! as we move towards further integration into those specific programs in the Nation's largest youth serving organization. For Scouts and leaders, stay tuned to the BSA Outdoor Ethics page for further information, including the soon-to-be announced new award structure for Outdoor Ethics. BSA Outdoor Ethics


Second... For those of you heading to Las Vegas for the SEMA show this coming week, please make sure to visit Tread Lightly! and meet the staff in cooperation with our friends at Omix-ADA. We'll be meeting with our partners, developing new partners, and looking to increase the resources and support that help us provide quality, relevant resources as we strive to increase the balanced protection of natural resources and continued access. More info- SEMA Show |

Last but certainly not least... Don't forget that our annual eBay charity auction will open early on November 1st. Get those bids in on products for your outdoor adventures, taking advantage of bidding that begins well below retail value. Tread Lightly - Auction

And until next time...

Happy Trails.


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I have seen governments ban ATVers from using trails around boggy areas because it would cause too much hardship on local wildlife and environment, then the next year the whole area is torn up and partitioned off to make a sod farm.

Hunters also try to take care and not tear the place up too much, while organized outfitters often use J5s or tractors to plow directly through whatever is in the path.

So the idea seems to be alive and well on the individual scale, while on the group scale of business and government, not so much.

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      I saw this article on Motosport and thought it was pretty good. Anyone add anything?
        You might think hopping on-board an ATV and going for a spin is just as easy as taking your regular 4-wheel car for a ride around the block. After all, both have four wheels. How hard could it be?
      In many respects, you're right. Some adventure riders choose quads over their two-wheeled counterparts of the dirt because there's less chance of crashing and it's easier to learn. ATVs also offer more manageability for younger riders to get acquainted with outdoor riding than a dirt bike.
      However, beginner riders on ATVs tend to make the same mistakes that result in crashes, roll overs and injury that could be avoided with some instruction and know-how. If you're looking at a fun family outing by renting ATVs or want to get into the sport take advantage of the following points and avoid the same mistakes so many other first time ATV riders make that end their day early or before they barely get started.
      1. Nerf Bars
      Get Nerf bars. These are not soft cushy add-ons that are cousins to the football you use during backyard football games. In many respects, Nerf bars are gigantic foot pegs. Don't bother with traditional foot pegs because you'll constantly slip off and because of the "I feel safe factor" that comes with riding a quad you'll also have a tendency to let your feet drag when riding. That's a recipe for getting one or both of your feet caught in the back tire resulting in serious injury. Nerf bars allow you to stabilize your feet and get maximum control over the ATV

      Rest your feet easy on Nerf bars
      2. Rolling Over
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      The most common way of ending underneath a quad is looping out. That's done by hitting the gas and having little to no experience with the power of an ATV. The front spikes up like an out of control stallion, throws you onto your back like a bucking bronco and then pins you like a UFC Champ.
      The second way is when you're having a bit too much fun sliding around in mud or other slick conditions, the tires finally do what they're designed to do and grip the ground but the rest of the bike, with you on it, keeps going.
      Finally, those who think they've found their bearings take aim for a steep slope and try to conquer it only to end up upside down or in their attempt to arch alongside said steep hill, tumble over the side.
      3. False Sense of Security
      This goes somewhat hand-in-hand with the roll over capability that many riders fail to appreciate therefore they also neglect wearing proper protective equipment. Don't think wearing jeans, t-shirt and sneakers is adequate protection when riding a 4-wheeled machine powered by a gas engine that doesn't have seatbelts. You need a helmet, goggles, gloves and riding boots at a minimum. Once you start ripping it on the track or trails add a chest protector, neck brace, knee brace, etc.
      4. Throttle Control
      Everybody wants to skip the kiddie stage and get right into hair-raising speed when it comes to riding ATVs. OK, most everybody. But for those who do so many put on the cloak of invincibility and think a quad is merely a mini car that finally enables them to release all sorts of pent up childhood inhibitions.
      So they jab their thumb into the throttle with the expectation of a controlled roller coaster ride. Instead, they loop out and end up underneath the quad or manage to stay seated only to careen off course and introduce their 4x4 to a large tree. ATVs normally have a thumb throttle and most have an automatic clutch so the clutch is one less thing to worry about. So go slow and figure out how much "thumb" is too much and get used to the speed and power an ATV delivers before really going for a ride. Oh, one more thing, learn to take your thumb off the throttle!

      It's not to hard to loop out on an ATV
      5. Loading the ATV
      Never, ever ride an ATV up a ramp into the back of a pick-up. If you want to know why just go to YouTube. If you want to know how to load an ATV check out this fine piece of quality information on How to Load a Motorcycle, Dirt Bike or ATV into a Truck.
      The bottom line to riding an ATV the first time is treat it like you would anything that comes with a modicum of danger. Careless behavior endangers you and others but with common sense and a willingness to learn you'll enjoy of lifetime of riding quads.
      For additional information on riding and/or maintaining ATVs see:
      10 Quick Safety Tips for ATV Trail Riding Tips for New ATV Owners Choosing the Best ATV for Beginners 10 Things That Alter Your ATV Performance Written By: AndrewT
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      It's sort of nuts how I found out the fix to warm it up. My old shop TV requires my heat gun warm up around the transformer area every day before it will turn on too.  
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      Guy i bought it from said it is 4wd just needed a few parts. not sure which ones. Help.

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      Is there anything I can do to make this little quad go faster? Thank you 
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      my atv and the internet are telling me two different tire sizes that are way off and need help figuring it out..PLEASE HELPP
    • By TreadLightly
      Good evening everyone! We are happy to announce that for the 5th year, we'll be running our Ebay charity auction! This is a HUGE fundraiser for us, so as you're planning for your winter holiday shopping and such, keep this opportunity in mind. More than 50 companies have donated more than 100 products to Tread Lightly! for our Fifth Annual Charity Auction on eBay in an effort to raise money for solutions to urgent outdoor recreation issues such as restricted recreation access due to irresponsible behavior. The auction will be held November 1-11, 2012. Big ticket items this year include a Gator XUV 625i utility vehicle and a Toy Gator donated by John Deere.
      100% of the money raised will go to help keep access to trails and recreation sites open to the public. The auction also includes plenty of 4×4 accessories, power sports equipment and outdoor gear. Bids will start at 40 to 60 percent below retail prices.
      More information and products coming soon!

    • By TreadLightly
      The campaign, created by Tread Lightly, unites the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Utah Division of State Parks, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, and the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration together in an effort to spread a consistent message throughout the state. Tread Lightly! also brings funding and support from the private sector, such as Yamaha’s OHV Access Initiative and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, making this a public/private partnership promoting conservation and sustainable outdoor recreation.
      The outreach effort is centered on the slogan RIDE ON Designated Routes, originally created for national application but now being customized with Utah-specific images. Since 1998, the number of off-highway vehicles (OHVs) registered in Utah has nearly tripled, putting additional pressure on Utah's public lands, especially in popular riding areas. RIDE ON reinforces that responsible recreation is the key to preserving and protecting Utah's many great motorized recreation opportunities. The initiative will also expand to address issues like safety and resource damage– today’s most pressing recreation issues in Utah.
    • By TreadLightly
      Good morning everyone. As we continue to take massive strides in promoting responsible use of public lands in order to minimize impacts on the environment, other users, and future recreational access we are starting to look more and more to our volunteers. The Tread Trainer program started in 2003 to help build an "army" of volunteers to help support and encourage responsible recreation within their communities, and through that program, we currently have nearly 500 active trainers nationwide. Tread Trainers are equipped after a one-day course with tools and training to host awareness workshops, and provide outreach. Master Trainers are equipped after a two-day course to not only provide those same, but also to train Tread Trainers in their areas.
      Interested in helping us in your area?
      Here is an updated list of our upcoming Trainer Courses:
      Master Tread Trainer:
      October 6 - Rausch Creek Off-Road Park in Tremont, Pennsylvania
      November 17 - Uwharrie Off-Road Training Center in Uwharrie, North Carolina
      To view more detailed information or to register - Tread Lightly - Master Trainer Courses
      Tread Trainer:
      To view more detailed information or to register - Tread Lightly - Trainer Courses
      To request a course in your area, email [email protected]

    • By TreadLightly
      John Deere has rung in the new year right and has generously donated a new John Deere Marksman Jacket for our Dallas Safari Club Convention / Denver International Sportsmens Expo "Friend of Tread Lightly!" promotion!!! You know you want to win (again), so...
      Here's how this works:
      Sign up to be a "Friend" of Tread Lightly! between now and Sunday January 8th, either by stopping by either of our booths (Denver ISE - Youth Fair at the back, DSC - A4), scanning the QR code on the poster below, or going to our "Friend" page on the Tread Lightly! website Tread Lightly - Become a Friend of Tread Lightly! and signing up. By becoming our friend, you'll receive periodic emails about TL! and our efforts encourage responsible use and stewardship on public lands and waterways.
      On January 9th, we will announce the winner. Only those who sign up as Friends between now and the 8th are qualified.
      That's it, That's all. Thanks for your support

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